Thu, Jun


XaePierre De Fou of 1st Santa Rosa FC is still feeling the thrill of receiving the Most Promising Player award for the 2010 season of the TTFF’s  Under-16 National Youth League.

De Fou played a key role in guiding Santa Rosa FC to the Under-16 title. At age 15, while De Fou looks up to players that have grabbed headlines globally, he particularly admires National Under-17 captain Duane Muckette who is also a member of the Santa Rosa club. “I admire Duane Muckette. I think he’s a good player to look up to. I also try to pattern my style of play to Russell Latapy, Dwight Yorke and Chris Birchall,” said De Fou, admitting that he didn’t see much of the trio in live action and has had to depend on tales from older friends and old video clips which showed the need for more video and written content on such achievers to be more readily available for youngsters like De Fou. “I saw some of their clips on YouTube and I’m always hearing people talk about them so I decided I would like to be like them and achieve good things through football,” he said.