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Goalkeeper Kelvin Jack is by no means ready to let the disappointment of having to play in a lower division this season deter him from extending his best hand in goal either for country or club.

The strong-body custodian got kudos from all ends following his gutsy display in last week’s 1-0 loss to the USA and he feels his current form should make it harder for opposing teams to score now, even while playing for Dundee in the Scottish First Division.

“It was a very difficult game overall and it started with the early goal. That goal left me shell shocked and I must admit I was really nervous after that,” Jack said. “Then I thought I saw McBride coming at the corner of my eye so I was in two minds whether to hit one time or touch and then play out and the ball ended up going straight to Donovan. I knew I had to close him down. From then on, apart from Dennis’ sending off, we got into the match but it wasn’t enough on the night,” Jack said.

“Overall I would always feel I could do better but we could have conceded more when you see that were weren’t scoring and some guys came up big defensive wise for us. It’s disappointing but definitely a showing we can take something out of for the remaining matches.”

 Jack boasts of the fact that he has never played at the Championship level of local Secondary Schools Football and can stand proud today and be accounted as one of the country’s top professional players.

Jack began playing for playing for Trincity United Sports and Cultural club at age 10. Being a student of Holy Cross College he graduated and went on to o Yavapai College where he spent two years and described it as a “healthy and maturing experience”. “It taught me a lot about responsibility.

He then moved back home and joined Doc’s Khelwalaas in the inaugural season of the Professional Football League in 1999 before he moved to CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh.

Known as a serious competitor on the pitch, Jack also refuses to think that some may be intimidated by him off the playing park as well.

“Well everyone will have their opinion but most of my teammates would say that I’m a complete clown off the pitch. As long as I step on to that greens whether for game or training, I turn into different man,”

Q&A with Kelvin

1. What’s your most memorable moment or match, whether for country or Club?
Making my national senior team debut in Palo Seco in 1999. It was a friendly. Edgar Vidale was the coach. And of course winning the Pro League with CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh in 2002
2. Name two persons, whether relative or not who have been an inspiration to you.
Arthur “Jap”Brown my coach at first club, Trincity United and of course my family, my girlfriend Shelly who has always supported me. My best friend Jason Farmer.

3. Any favourite player or team?
Jean-Marie Pfaff from Belgium

4. What would be your preferred other profession?
A Doctor
5. What do you hope to accomplish either in next 5 years or end of playing career?
To become T&T’s greatest ever goalkeeper. And to play in the World Cup
6. Who’s been among your most admired coaches and why?
I would have to say Terry Fenwick because of his tactical brilliance and the high standards he sets for his team. And  “Jap”Brown. Also Leo Beenhakker …. very impressive thus far.

7. What do you think of T&T’s chances of making it to the 2006 World Cup?
Think we have an excellent chance with hard work and persistence, we shall make it.

8. Any instances or plays that you always reflect on?
I usually try to think positive thoughts because I believe when you do that, there’s only one answer -  a positive performance
9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Always believe in yourself from the late Arthur Brown

10. What do you do to relax away from the game?
Spend time with my girlfriend and watch movies
11. What’s your favorite dish?
Macaroni Pie, stew chicken and Roti

12. Favourite drink?

13. Favorite time of year?

12. Most comfortable football boot and gloves?
Adidas x-trx softground, Selsport

13. What was the high point for you this season as well as the low point?
Low point was the terrible time I had with injuries and high point is just being able to play again.

14.Favourite music?

15. Favourite teammate?
Love working with Shaka just because we always bounce ideas of each other and we have similar ideas of goalkeeping, he’s that sort of guy and his experience is valuable.