Tue, Jul

Former Trinidad and Tobago English-born midfielder sent best wishes to the National team yesterday, on the eve of their clash with the Brazil All stars which launched the "Road to Germany 2006" campaign at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Mauge, who was a member of the team during the 2002 qualifying campaign also sent a letter to FIFA Vice President Jack Warner expressing gratitude for assistance provided to him by the special adviser to the TTFF.

Mauge's words were touching enough to inspire his former T&T teammates to go the distance this time around.

Although he suffered a broken leg during a Gold Cup game against Mexico in 2000, Mauge said " I would have played for Trinidad and Tobago with no legs as I was so proud to put on the national shirt and represent the country".

The former Bristol Rivers man made his debut for T&T in 2000 but after his injury he took several months before he was able to return to the National Team.

Mauge confessed that he never returned to his previous form and thanked Warner for his support which included medical expenses at the time of the injury.

"I never got the chance to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the compensation money you awarded to me when I broke my leg against Mexico. It's something you didn't have to do for me but you did it and I will never forget that," Mauge wrote in the letter.

"I just want to encourage you for what you are trying to do for football in Trinidad and Tobago. You are doing a great job.

Your determination should be a bench mark for all 'Trinis' whose dream is to see their beloved island reach a World Cup Finals," Mauge added in his letter.

The ex-national player has retired from playing both from the international and domestic level but has expressed his willingness to coach Bertille St.Clair to assist in a non-playing capacity in the effort to get to Germany 2006. In response St.Clair stated " Ronnie was a heart and soul player who was always proud to wear the red, white and black. He could teach a lot of our players about commitment and pride. He was always available to play when we called him and I want to thank him for the support he gave to me".