Sat, May


United States-based midfielder Kevan George got an opportunity to play a rare full 90 minutes for this country in Wednesday’s 4-0 win over Dominican Republic in Scotiabank Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

George started in the middle, alongside Belgium-based Khaleem Hyland and his work rate and performance were applauded by  coach Stephen Hart. “He was outstanding. He was disciplined throughout and his work rate was very impressive.”

George, who plays for Jacksonville Armada FC in the North American Soccer League has laboured his way back into the T&T line up and is looking to stay there for as long as he can.

“For me it’s all about hard work and persistence, putting in the long hours and of course getting as much playing time as possible. I have that mentality where I want to play all the time, even if it’s against kids, I want to keep playing and I want to win overtime,” George said after the win.

“One of the good things in the current team is that no player is guaranteed a spot. We’ve got players on the bench who are always able to come in and perform and there are also players not in the squad who are just waiting for their chances. Coach Hart knows this and his job is a difficult one because he has get the right mix and the right formula for us to win matches.

“But hopefully now, not wanting to dwell too much on the USA loss, I think we will get back into our momentum and take this right through into the Costa Rica and Honduras matches in November. We have a long haul of games and it’s important that we stay together as a team and keep building and getting better game by game,” George added.

The 26-year-old George has 24 appearances for T&T.