Wed, Oct

Shaun Fuentes goes one on one with Cyd Gray.

1. What’s your most memorable moment or match, whether for country or Club?
That was against Guatemala in the Hasely Crawford Stadium just before we played Costa Rica in 2001 because it was my first international game and we won 3-1 and then this last win over Mexico.

2. Name two persons, whether relative or not who have been an inspiration to you.
My mother Moude and now my son, 1 year-old Jardel.

3. Any favourite player or team?
Cafu is my favourite player and I back Chelsea.

4. What would be your preferred other profession?
Cricketer. I’m a good all-rounder.
5. What do you hope to accomplish either in next 5 years or end of playing career?
Go to a World Cup is what I really want to achieve.
6. Who’s been among your most admired coaches and why?
Terry Fenwick because he has taught me a lot in playing, both attacking and defensive wise.

7. What do you think of T&T’s chances of making it to the 2006 World Cup?
I think the chances are very much good at the moment. We are one step away.

8. Any instances or plays that you always reflect on?
Basically I just think about the game. I like to win so my emotions tend to take over when game time comes up. I moved to Trinidad at age 19 to join Joe Public and I’ve adapted that style ever since.
9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Work hard and always try to hard to be consistent. I think I still need to work more on being consistent.

10. What do you do to relax away from the game?
Just be home relaxing.
11. What’s your favorite dish?
Fish Broth.

12. Favourite drink?
Grapefruit Juice.

13. Favorite time of year?

14. Most comfortable football boot?
Copa Mundial.

15.What was the high point for you this season as well as the low point?
The only high point this season has been winning the League Cup with Jabloteh. Not starting well in the season with Jabloteh this season because of a knee injury.