Sat, Dec


Having looked at the journey for the next two matches, the task must be approached with the view of financing primarily, knowing fully well that the TTFA is seriously indebted to coaches who have done excellent work and have not yet been paid.

To add to this dilemma, the T&T Guardian reported on Thursday that a company is seeking a Court order to freeze the TTFA bank account, until a debt of over $1.2 million is paid.

Unfortunately, this debt may have been on the books well before the current administration had taken office. But the debt must be paid, a policy which we have recognised from the principled commitment when governments change hands.

So we have to ask ourselves how much money do we have in order to honour commitments to players, coaching staff, hotel, airfare, and preparation camps and friendly international matches prior to match days.

Despite these obstacles, I would assume that the chosen coach will have to revert to viewing the local players who play in the T&T Pro League, the National Super League and the zonal leagues.

While many will say the quality being produced in these leagues is of a moderate standard, it does not mean that there are no talented players among the lot.

Admittedly, the quality of teamwork in the professional tournament is short of what is expected, but obviously, there are quite a few outstanding players who can be invited and taken through paces which can bring the necessary improvement to their already established skill and creativity.

Four months of work under an organised coach for local players will be the ideal to increase the enthusiasm of those who were previously overlooked, to make that extra effort to show their worth.

Five friendlies during that period against teams like Denmark, Bolivia, Venezuela, Canada and Jamaica will allow the coach to assess their performances and the level of improvement.

The results may shock many who have not looked in that direction in the past.

The new coach will now be able to judge these new boys against the previous ones, who produced moderate and lethargic efforts on the field, as seen against Costa Rica and Honduras.

Following that, these guys may now be able to offer a new challenge against the more advanced countries like Panama and Mexico.

If the progress brings a new picture to our chances in the HEX, that is achievement. If they don’t, then we shall have a new look group with 13 international matches in their repertoire, all with vast experience and relatively young.

This will allow us to enjoy two CFU finals, two Gold Cup Tournaments and the qualifying for the 2022 World Cup Finals, knowing much more than this previous group of players whose inconsistency was probably their worst enemy.