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T&T team training at the Diego Martin Sporting Complex.

The T&T senior national football team has been reduced to 29 players, now making it an 'A' and 'B' squads in training, national coach Terry Fenwick has said.

In an interview on Monday Fenwick in an update on the team said a 'B' squad was formed so that the guys who were with them last week, will join in with the 'B' squad so that they will have a nice blend of youthful interaction with so many players across the board.

Fenwick praised the commitment and attitude of the players, particularly those from the T&T Defence Force and the Police Service, whom he said put in the work at training, despite having to work throughout the night.

"Starting this week, we have now branched off, I have put very simple disciplines. All of the games we've had, all of the people sessions we have had, have all come with conditions and some of those conditions as simple as they may sound, like two-touch and they run off so these players are moving the ball quicker," Fenwick said as he talks about the progress of the team.

According to Fenwick, they have been working behind the scene on passports for some players with T&T parentage and will be trying to get some of their key players in the team when the borders are opened. "Kevin Molino, coming off the bench and of course we are keeping tabs of all our international players that are starting up in their League programmes around the world.

One of our top stars Kevin Molino, coming off the bench to score the winning goal for his team at the weekend. We're looking to bring them in when we can. When they open the borders, we know that might be a little while, but we're doing some great stuff behind the scene. We're pushing through one or two passport applications to get players with T&T parentage. It could be great we bring them together and the club gives up that extended time to do so."

The English-born coach was also disappointed by the fact that football leagues across the world have been starting up, except our local T&T Pro League.

T&T Squad.


Adrian Foncette (Police FC), Aaron Enil (Defence Force), Christopher Biggette (San Juan Jabloteh);


Curtis Gonzales (Defence Force), Justin Garcia (Defence Force), Jesse Williams (Central FC), Jameel Neptune (Central FC), Isaiah Garcia (W Connection), Brandon Semper (San Juan Jabloteh), Jelani Peters (Unattached), Kareem Riley (Florida Gulf Coast University—USA);


Kevon Goddard (Central FC), Justin Sadoo, Michel Poon-Angeron (Club Atletico Banfield—Argentina), Che Benny (Central FC), Matthew Woo Ling (AC Port of Spain), Jabari Mitchell (Police FC), Hashim Arcia (Defence Force), John-Paul Rochford (AC Port of Spain), Molik Khan (W Connection), Judah Garcia (Point Fortin Civic), Gary Griffith III (Coleraine FC—Northern Ireland), Micah Lansiquot (San Juan Jabloteh);


Justin Araujo-Wilson (San Juan Jabloteh), Shaqkeem Joseph (Club Sando), Dwight Quintero (Defence Force), Nicholas Dillon (Patro Eisden Maas—Belgium), Akeem Roach (Unattached), Jean-Heim Mc Fee (AC Port of Spain).

Current Players - Age

Adrian Foncette [31]
Aaron Enil [24]
Christopher Biggette [24]

Curtis Gonzales [31]
Justin Garcia [24]
Jesse Williams [18]
Jameel Neptune [26]
Isaiah Garcia [21]
Brandon Semper [20]
Jelani Peters [26]
Kareem Riley [22]

Kevon Goddard [23]
Justin Sadoo [22]
Michel Poon-Angeron [19]
Matthew Woo Ling [23]
Jabari Mitchell [22]
Hashim Arcia [31]
Molik Khan [16]
Judah Garcia [19]
Micah Lansiquot [23]
Che Benny [19]
John-Paul Rochford [20]
Gary Griffith III [18]
Shaqkeem Joseph [19]

Justin Araujo-Wilson [17]
Dwight Quintero [26]
Nicholas Dillon [23]
Jean Heim McFee [18]
Akeem Roach [24]