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Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith said he will not be lending assistance to the national men’s senior football team again after being questioned why he is supporting the team.

Griffith’s son Gary Griffith III has been a member of the national team training squad under head coach Terry Fenwick.

Griffith has been seen at national team training sessions regularly over the past year.

In a statement on Facebook on Friday, Griffith said, “Today, I am more convinced than ever, that my decision to now, walk away completely from any further assistance, support of, or with the men’s national senior team is the correct thing to do, as nothing in this world is more important to me than my family. Today, Express journalist, (named reporter), in her continued attempts to obtain an ‘ah ketch yuh’ moment, has now moved into sport reporting, and joined the ranks of the many in this country who have found it fulfilling to discredit, disrespect, and pour disdain upon my son.”

Griffith was asked if his interest in football is because of his son. Griffith said, “The Express have never asked about my support of the numerous other national teams over the last ten years I have supported in the past, nor of the numerous players my family and I have bent over backwards to facilitate, but today, her lines of questioning included, ‘Was assistance to the TTFA a condition for your son receiving a spot on the national team?’

Griffith said his support for the national team is not only in recent times.

“The Express reporter, sent me a number of questions on my support of the national team. Interestingly enough, because of her total lack of knowledge about T&T football, she obviously did not know that I have worked closely with the TTFA for the past decade under (former TTFA presidents) Raymond Tim Kee, David John-Williams, William Wallace to Robert Hadad (chairman of the normalisation committee), and assisted the national coaches from Stephen Hart to Dennis Lawrence to Terry Fenwick, inclusive of being on the technical staff and the local organising committee.”

Over the past year, Griffith has facilitated national team training sessions at the St James Police Barracks.

A TTFA official informed Newsday that Griffith “has been a great support to the TTFA and the senior men’s national team from assistance in using the fields, transportation and meals for the senior men’s national team. Also, a great help with logistics as the covid19 situation is dynamic.”

Griffith said his son has never been treated equally. “Gary Griffith III’s career started at six years old, and every time he has touched a ball in this country, he has been the victim of who his parents are.”

Former Miss T&T Nicole Dyer-Griffith is the mother of Griffith III.

Griffith said, “He has never received a fair shake, based on his skill, ability or competence. When competing for a spot on the national Under-15 team, he was told by a well-known coach, ‘Even though everyone else is getting a full game, you can only play a ten minutes to show your worth, because we don’t want people thinking we giving you precedence over others because of who you are.’”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday