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Ex-Soca Warrior Hislop: Sometimes life gives you a moment to pause.

FORMER Trinidad and Tobago goal-keeper Shaka Hislop appreciates the support he has received after fainting during a live broadcast on ESPN on Sunday. He said he plans to seek medical advice.

Hislop, 54, was at the Rose Bowl in California, US doing commentary for a preseason match between AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Hislop was seen wobbling before falling to the ground. His colleague, Dan Thomas quickly shouted for help, saying, "Shak, Shak. We need some help."

A short while later, Thomas said Hislop was looking "okay."

On social media, Hislop said, "Hi everyone...I am feeling much better...ego still hurts like hell though. Sometimes life gives you a moment to pause. This was mine. And I have to pay attention. Thanks for all your messages. My apologies if I can't get to them all. But please know I've read every one, and appreciate you reaching out."

In another social media post, Hislop said, "My response now has to be to seek out the best medical help I could get and listen to what my doctors have to say."

Hislop said he is thankful for his wife, children, family, friends, ESPN and Thomas.

Hislop represented T&T at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the only time this country competed at the prestigious tournament.

He pulled off some brilliant saves in the team's 0-0 draw against Sweden.

People and sporting bodies have been sending their best wishes including the TT Football Association and Hislop's colleague at ESPN Ian Darke.

On Facebook, the TTFA said, "Our prayers are with Shaka and his family right now."

Darke, a popular English football commentator, said on Twitter, "Sending my very best to a much-loved ESPN colleague Shaka Hislop. Get well very, very soon, Shaka."

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