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Going to the World Cup with Dennis Lawrence

What do you think are your chances of reaching the second round in the World Cup?
Our chances of reaching second round are as good as any of the other teams in the group.

What are your earliest World Cup memories as a youngster?
My earliest World Cup memory is following Brazil with the likes of Careca in it.

Your world has obviously changed a bit over the years and particularly since we qualified. How do you manage this and all the other attention?
I manage by being the same person I was before it all happened and deal with what’s put in front of me as I see fit.

What has helped you settle as a professional human being since becoming a member of the National Team and of Wrexham AFC in England?
What has helped me settled is my willingness to learn things every day and in life the way you treat people that’s exactly how you would be treated. I try my best to respect everyone.

Do you think you have been able to stamp yourself as a positive influence in the team, especially since your winner against Bahrain?
I will like to think even before the Bahrain goal I was a positive influence to others so nothing has changed.

What are your top three T&T moments?
1. The first time I was able to wear the national colours for the national senior team.
2. When  we  beat Mexico 1-0 in 2000 in the Hasely Crawford Stadium.
3. That day in Bahrain when  Trinidad and Tobago qualified for Germany 2006.   

What’s your favourite kind of music to listen to?
My favourite is rap and R&B but I do love my Soca.

What was the last film or DVD you looked at?
Last one I saw was King Kong.

What is a normal day for you in this day and age?
A normal day for me is getting home after training going on the computer, reading emails and the news back home and chilling in front the television with my little girl talking to me none stop (ha ha).

What’s your message to the people of Morvant and by extent Trinidad and Tobago?
A positive message to people in Morvant is to not let people decide who we are for instance bandits or murderers. Let’s  be positive and show them that we too can be nurses, doctors, lawyers sportsmen and women and much more. When there may seem to be bad things at times, there are always worse happening and we can in fact be positive and have a better effect on life in general. We must keep believing and striving for better.

Name those who have been an inspiration to you.
God has been a major inspiration as without him nothing is possible and my father Alston Williams. I miss  him so much and everything I achieve is done in memory of him. I know he is a proud man. God rest his soul. Dad I love You.

What’s the feeling inside of you now that the World Cup is getting closer and closer?
Can’t wait for the first whistle.