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Kendall JagdeosinghTrinidad and Tobago’s Senior footballers will continue their build up to next month’s 2010 World Cup qualifier against El Salvador with another training match against Second Division club Quilmes  from 6pm on Monday.
Following Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Argentinos Juniors, T&T were back on the training field on the morning with all the players actively involved with the exception of midfielder Keon Daniel who continues to receive treatment for a troubled leg muscle.

Striker Cornell Glen, who snatched the late equalizer for T&T on Saturday, has vowed to maintain his goalscoring form throughout the tour.

“I think the result was not suitable for the performance. We have been improving as a team and we were a bit unlucky not to come away with the win. Especially with Russell there,  we had a leader in the team and we had a very compact showing,” Glen told TTFF Media.

“So far the trip is going according to plan because our sessions have gone well and the boys are all feeling good and working hard out here because we know how important it is to be well prepared for El Salvador and to get three points next month.”

Glen mentioned the influence of Latapy in the build up has been an important factor.

“We have a leader in the team now…someone for the guys to look up and to follow his advice. He is an exceptional talent with a good personality and there’s always something we can pick up from him as players. He’s been passing on his advice in the sessions and even when we are not out there on the pitch,” Glen noted.

Puerto Rico Islanders’ Kendall Jagdeosingh impressed coach Francisco Maturana on Saturday and his effort led to Glen’s equalizer. He’s hoping to press on further and possibly secure a place in the World Cup team.

T&T vs Juniors

“Getting the call up was great and I’m trying to make the best of it. Being among one of the greats of our football and a few of the World Cup players is a blessing for me,” Jagdeosingh said.

“The main thing for me was to get out of Trinidad and since I’ve been to Puerto Rico things have gone well. The experience has been great playing in the A-League and also the CONCACAF Champions League. At Puerto Rico there’s a high work rate and we even stay back and work after the sessions which has been a plus.

“Out here in Argentina we have been getting some really good sessions and there’s a lot we can learn from the coaches.”

Looking back at the game versus Argentinos Juniors, “Jaggy” said he was determined to make an impression.

“I saw that in the first half there wasn’t much pace up front for both teams and I thought this was my opportunity to pounce on that and try to make things happen. I went out there and gave it my best shot and it helped us back into the game which was important. I’m just aiming to keep this up now,” he added.