Thu, Jul


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) is mortified by developments that occurred earlier today, regarding an attitude adopted by members of the Soca Warriors World  Cup players who, we are told, plan to boycott tomorrow’s game against St Vincent and the Grenadines.

We are sure the players involved, having attained international fame under the aegis of Team Trinidad and Tobago, are well aware of the deleterious effects of refusing to play for their home country after releases were secured via FIFA, so we must assume they consider their argument strong enough to defend such delinquency.

From where we sit, the situation has been commandeered by motives unbecoming of players with whom we have developed a particular level of understanding moreso over the past year, a relationship largely based on mutual trust, and one which, up to this juncture has delivered in its fullness.
The main issue, as we understand it from third parties, involves returns to players from sponsorship deal sourced solely by the TTFF and which, by agreement of their representatives, are available for detailed viewing. Such an exercise had already been agreed for Monday October 9th, long before we learnt of their plan to withdraw from tomorrow’s game.

Quite naturally, we are appropriately embarrassed by this turn of events and particularly from players whose interests we have sought and defended on a continuing basis. The mere idea of going public in the interim between our discussions and the agreed date for reviewing the sponsorship contracts, indicates less than honorable motives and, in terms of this development, we are especially disappointed.

If by noon tomorrow, the Soca Warriors as we know them do not renege on their current confrontational posture, the TTFF will advise football fans of a matrix of alternatives, including teams and conditions of ticket purchase that may be reviewed in the still-evolving circumstances.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Groden,
General Secretary,
Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation