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#6 Khaleem Hyland brother killed.National senior footballer Khaleem Hyland has been given time off by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) to return to his family in Trinidad after his brother's murder on Sunday night.

Hyland learned of the fatal shooting of the elder Kwasi Hyland, 25, on his return to the Blue Haven Hotel in Bacolet, Tobago on Sunday following a practice match for T&T against Tobago United, which T&T won 5-1.

Yesterday, TTFF media officer Shaun Fuentes confirmed that Hyland has been given time off, prior to T&T's crucial CONCACAF 2010 World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica on Saturday at the Dwight Yorke Stadium in Bacolet.

"He's (Hyland) been given time off to return home to Trinidad today to be with his family. The TTFF staff and the national team thought it was fitting given the circumstances. He only found out (about his brother's death) last night (Sunday) after the training match."

Fuentes also revealed that Hyland seemed in shock, especially having spoken to his brother shortly before his death.

"Last night he spent some time with the boys (after he found out) and he appeared to be a little shocked. He spoke to him on the phone just before it happened, while he was on the bus, and by the time he returned to the hotel he received the news that his brother had been gunned down. So I don't think it sunk in until today."

Khaleem will return to Tobago ahead of Saturday's match.

"There has been no time given for his return (to the T&T squad), but he will return in sufficient time for the game," said Fuentes.

National footballer’s brother killed.

Flowers stood on the wall where 25-year-old Kwasi Hyland was shot dead, his friends paying their respects.

Investigators told C News that Hyland was sitting on the wall not far from his home in upper Big Yard Carenage around 8:30 p.m. when a lone gunman came over the hill and hid behind this electricity post before opening fire.

Marlon Jordan who was one of the men standing near Hyland said his friend tried to evade the bullet but was not quick enough.

He collapsed a short distance away and was rushed to hospital where he died half hour later.

He told C News that he believed he was also marked for death and said he had been telling the police about the lawless men in the area but his pleas have been falling on deaf ears.

Hyland's youngest brother Khaleem is a footballer with the Soca Warriors and returned from training camp today to be at his mother's side.

Hyland's mother, Carol told C News that her deceased son had several matters in court.

She said her youngest son who turns 20 on Friday promised to score in remembrance of his brother.