Wed, May


Trinidad and Tobago Senior Team head coach Otto Pfister will commence his first training session with a newly installed Technical Staff on Monday May 2  at  9 am at the Ato  Boldon Stadium, Couva.

Pfister arrived back in Port of Spain on Thursday following his visit to the United Kingdom and is looking forward to getting down to the business of preparing the team ahead of the 2014 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.

His staff members will include:

Anton Corneal – Assistant Coach
Hutson Charles – Assistant Coach
Goalkeeping Coach – Jefferson George
Physiotherapist – Dave Isaac
Equipment Manager – Michael Williams
Team Doctor – Terence Babwah.

The position of Manager, Assistant Manager and Trainer remains vacant and appointments will be made in due course. Peter Rampersad will hold the position as Interim Manager.

Pfister has already indicated his intentions to work closely with the locally-based staff that will first work with a group of twenty-three home-based players during the month of May.

“Of course I will work together and closely with the local coaches.  We will learn more and more from each other over time. I believe this is important and as I have said, once there is a professional conception from the start then it’s very much possible to achieve success,” he told TTFF Media.

Pfister added: “One thing I have learned in my many years coaching outside of Europe is that you must, you absolutely must work with local people. You cannot come in and start telling these people how it must be done, how it must be your way completely.

“I will work with the local people, I will make friends and we will learn from each other. We will build something together. It is not about me; it is about us. Many coaches from Europe have made this mistake in the past, especially in Africa. You need to meld with the local people to become part of their culture. You have to find the balance. This is my philosophy,” Pfister added.

The German-born coach will also meet with the coaches of the T&T Pro League clubs on May 10 to discuss his plans and intentions towards a cordial relationship with all concerned.