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FORMER Trinidad and Tobago and Defence Force footballer, Nevick De Noon wants the Government and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) to recognise him for his contribution to the sport over the years.

De Noon, who is now coach of Morvant Elements in the Northern Football League (NFA), is reminding us all of his contribution at his alma mater Hillview College and Defence Force as well as his exploits at local and international competitions.

Denoon laments what he described as the disregard being meted out to him by the local football federation despite the hard work he has done towards national development and nation-building.

“I have been presenting this country with players for the past years.

The growth of Arnold Dwarika, Densill Theobald, Kerwin Jemmott, Robert Primus, Aurtis Whitley and current TT footballer Noel Williams all started with me,” De Noon said.

He added “And what about my role to community-building through Morvant Elements and a number of other sports. We at Elements have been the shining light in the darkness of the Laventille community.”

The former striker has worn the red, white and black of Trinidad and Tobago for 14 years, between 1975- 1989.

Among his achievements was scoring the winner for Trinidad and Tobago in an international friendly against CONCACAF giants Mexico at the Queen’s Park Oval.

The Morvant striker led the scoring for Defence Force from 1978-1984, guiding the Army/Coast Guard combination to the Caribbean club crown in his first year.

In addition to the CONCACAF achievement, Defence Force also won all the trophies and titles up for grabs that year.

De Noon revealed the dissatisfaction he felt during the TTFF centennial celebrations where there was no mention of his name and the contribution he made to the development of the sport over the years.

“I felt personally disrespected, humiliated and hurt that, after all the hard work I had been through to make the national team and represent the country, that officials in charge of football refused to call my name or give me an award” Denoon said.

He made it clear “It is now all about what my country can do for me. I have absolutely nothing to show to my children and grand children for the contribution I have made to football in TT. ”

Soon after his successes at the Army, De Noon joined ECM Motown in 1984 and guided the Port-of-Spain team to FA Cup and League titles. They were also voted the Team of the Year that same year.

He has now dedicated his life to helping the young budding footballers and individuals in the Morvant/Laventille area to become responsible citizens.