Sat, Dec

Mason Hall Secondary

Unbeaten Scarborough Secondary dropped two valuable points in a 1-1 tie with Signal Hills Secondary on Saturday at the Bertille St. Clair Playing Field when action in the Boys Championship Division of the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) continued on Saturday afternoon.

The result though, did not prevent them from taking the top spot on the six-team standings after three rounds of matches.

Scarborough got their goal from Daviel Thomas, while Jermaine Morgan got the lone item for Signal Hill Secondary.

Scarborough is now on seven points after two wins and a drawn match. Signal Hill is in the second position after just a victory and two draws on five points. Meanwhile, Pentecostal Light and Life has secured the third-place position despite playing to a 1-1 tie with Roxborough Secondary at the Mt. Gomery Recreation. Ground.

Samuel Solomon was the scorer for Pentecostal Light and Light, but his goal was cancelled out by an item from Yohan Beckles. And at the Shaw Park Complex, which was carded to be the venue for the Mason Hall Secondary and Goodwood Secondary encounter, but it was not utilized, as the match was called off.

Mason Hall team manager Anthony Williams said the Disciplinary Committee will have to decide on the outcome of the match after Goodwood Secondary breached the rules by requesting a postponement on the day of the game.

The rule, Williams said, gives school teams 48 hours or two days before a request for a postponement of a game. Williams said his team was actually on the field of play when he got the news that Goodwood Secondary would not be able to play the match.

Mason Hall was scheduled to play just two matches to date, but both are before the SSFL disciplinary committee for final results.

According to Williams, in his team’s first match against Scarborough at the Moriah Rec Grounds, there was not a full complement of officials. Only the referee turned up and both schools agreed to provide a linesman each.

Williams, said, however, that because there were not sufficient officials at the match, his team decided to play under protest.

He also claimed in the match, his team got an equalizing goal late to tie the scores at 3-3, but the linesman ruled it offside.

Williams made it clear he is willing to provide video evidence that the goal scored was a good one.

“I am prepared to use both, the case of having insufficient officials or the goal that was ruled off-side to fight his case. If the SSFL is desirous of improving the standard of the League, then things must be done right,” Williams said.

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