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Susan Joseph-Warrick has replaced Sharon O’Brien as the new President of Women’s League Football (WoLF). Warrick was voted in as President at the organization’s Annual General Meeting held on April 25, 2019. She will be supported by Kenrick Hoyte (Vice President), Christine Elizabeth Ann Rose ( Treasurer), Nadia James (Assistant Secretary Operations), Annleyes Collette (Assistant Secretary Administration), Claire George (Assistant Secretary Competition), Arnold Murphy and Mohan Persad (Ordinary Members), Shari John (PRO) and Jamilya Mohammed (General Secretary).

A former Manager in the Hotel and Entertainment industries, Warrick is the parent of national players, Shanelle and Jonelle Warrick Cato, and has been involved in women’s football since 2001, as part owner of the Trincity National’s Football Club, which includes the Trincity Nationals Women’s team. She has served as vice president of WoLF for the past two years.

Looking ahead to the future, Warrick expressed her desire to build on the foundation left by O’Brien while also focusing on the development of the women’s game at all levels. She also hopes to get relevant stakeholders more involved in the organization as she aims for greater Transparency, Accountability and Co-operation moving forward.

“There is a general misconception that WoLF is just about a football league, but it is actually the body responsible for the development of the women’s game” said Warrick. “We would like to get back to what we believe is important to develop the right skills in our players from a young age, both on and off the field, while also helping to equip coaches and administrators with the tools necessary to do this.”

And, while being cognizant of the challenges facing the organization, particularly financial, her goal is to build the WoLF brand in order to make it more attractive to corporate sponsors.

“Women’s football has tremendous potential for growth. Globally, it is one of the leading sports for women, but we have not been able to capitalize on this as a country and aid our young women in taking advantage of the many opportunities available to them. We hope to do our part to change this.”

Warrick said she is hoping to get much needed support due to WoLF from the TTFA and hopes that all stakeholders can come together to strengthen women’s football in T&T.