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WoLF coaches upset over assistant coaches' selection.

There are rising concerns by coaches of teams in the Women's Football League (WoLF) that a fair chance was not given to them to apply for the assistant coaching positions of the country's women's national team.

WoLF interim president Kenrick Hoyte said he intends to ask questions about the selection process soon, once he gets answers to their concerns.

Following the appointment of Welshman James Thomas as the senior women's coach in April, the local coaches were sharpening up their chops for an assistant coaching position, as it was communicated that the assistant positions would have been from among the local coaches.

As far as Hoyte is concerned, WoLF coaches must have been considered for the positions as it is their players that make up the national teams.

Hoyte said he has been bombarded by calls from coaches from his League (WoLF), to find out why they were not even given an opportunity to apply for a job, and instead were totally overlooked.

"We have coaches from teams in the League attending coaching courses and now feel they are doing them in vain. If they are selecting coaches then they must have some kind of transparency in the process and at least extend invitations to all coaches, or at least inform the coaches of the appointments," Hoyte explained.

"We did not even know that the assistant coaches were chosen, we just heard it by the way," he added.

Guardian Media Sports was told that Richard Hood, the man who took the country's Under-20 women's team to the quarterfinal of the CONCACAF Women's Championship in the Dominican Republic in 2020, was appointed in one of the two assistant coaching positions.

The other is Dernelle Mascall, a former national player who has, like many before her, joined the family of coaches. Kelvin Jack is the goalkeeper coach for the team.

On Sunday, Hood confirmed his appointment as an assistant coach and appeared surprised to learn about the concerns that were raised.

Director of Women's football Jinelle James could not be contacted for comment as calls to her phone went unanswered.

Hoyte told Guardian Media Sports further that as far as he is concerned, all the coaches from the WoLF should have at least been given the opportunity to apply for the job, saying it doesn't matter if they were not chosen but they should have been given a chance.