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TT Premier Football League Frequently asked questions.

1. What is the TT Premier Football League?

The TT Premier Football League (TTPFL) is the new, elite football League sanctioned by the Trinidad and
Tobago Football Association (TTFA.) It comprises two divisions: a Top -Tier division and a Second-Tier

2. What is the purpose of this League?

In keeping with the TTFA’s three and a half (3 ½) year strategic plan (2023 – 2026) this League aims to
create a sustainable business model for professional football in Trinidad and Tobago and to protect the
integrity of the sport built on a foundation of sound governance, transparency and active stakeholder
involvement. The League’s structure is based upon the findings and recommendations of a 2021 FIFA-led
T&T Professional Football League Development study. The recommendations contained in the report are
the result of detailed consultations with all key TT football stakeholder groups such as the clubs,
operators, administrators, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT), FIFA, Concacaf
and the governing body.

3. Why replace the Pro League and Super League?

The legal entities, Pro League Limited and Trinidad and Tobago Super League Limited which hosted the
Pro League and Super League competitions will continue to exist. However, the TTFA has determined it
necessary, at this stage in the evolution of the professional game in Trinidad and Tobago, to assume
direct responsibility and oversight for professional football.

4. When is the League season?

The League’s initial season will commence on 10 March 2023 and run until May 2023. This shortened
season facilitates meeting Concacaf’s deadline for the submission of Trinidad and Tobago’s Club
representatives for the 2023 Concacaf Clubs Competition.

Subsequent seasons of the TTPFL are expected to run annually, commencing in the month of
September/October and ending in the month of May of the following year. The first full annual season
will commence in September/October 2023.

Following the completion of the League schedule there will be a knockout competition among the teams
comprising both the Top-Tier and Second-Tier.

An independent analysis will be conducted at the end of each season, generated from monitoring and
evaluation systems that are being put in place. A season “state-of-play” report will drive
recommendations that would be considered to ensure the League’s sustainability. Any changes deemed
necessary for the League’s structure, such as facilitating promotion and relegation or an increase in the
number of participating clubs, may be made subject to the relevant economic and other factors.

5. When will the inaugural Tournament take place?

The League’s Top-Tier competition kicks off on Friday 10 March 2023, with the Second-Tier expected to
commence in late April 2023. Prospective Second-Tier clubs are presently engaged in working through
logistics and club licensing.

6. Who is running this League?

The TTPFL is supervised by a four-member Executive Committee, chaired by a TTFA-appointed CEO. The
Executive Committee reports to an Oversight Body which comprises representatives of the TTFA the
League CEO, representatives from the participating Clubs, representatives of The Ministry of Sport and
Community Development and the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago and independent members.
Ultimate responsibility for the League rests with the Normalisation Committee as the Board of the TTFA.

7. What are the criteria for Club Participation?

Initially, clubs applied to participate in one of the League’s two tiers. Clubs in the Top-Tier will be eligible
to qualify for participation in the CONCACAF Club Competitions and all participants in the CONCACAF
Club Competitions are required to hold Regional Licences. As such, the primary qualifying criteria for
Top-Tier teams is the possession of a Regional Licence. The TTFA will work with prospective Top-Tier
clubs to support them in their efforts to obtain a Regional Licence during the transitional season once
they have obtained the minimum standard of a Domestic Licence thirty (30) days prior to the first match

Clubs playing in the Second-Tier would require a Domestic Licence.

The requirements cover a range of standards inclusive of player development standards, club
infrastructure, finance, operations, health and safety and more. Items highlighted in RED will be excluded
for the requirements for a Domestic Licence while all items reflect criteria required for a Regional

8. What is the objective of the Club Licensing Process?

In keeping with FIFA Forward Programme 3.0 and the FIFA’s vision to protect the integrity of the sport
and further the professionalism of club football around the globe the Club Licencing Process seeks to
improve the standards within the football community and safeguard the integrity of club competitions,
promoting sporting values and transparency in club finances and club ownership.

Club Licensing is a key element in promoting the professionalisation of sport all over the world. Best
practice licensing systems use principle-based criteria and set minimum standards that clubs must satisfy
in order to be licensed and, consequently, be able to participate in specific competitions. It is a proven
method for elevating the standard of the sport.

As part of our aim to raise the level of club football in T&T, four main goals have been developed:

1. Understand and safeguard domestic club football
2. Raise the level of professionalism in club football administration
3. Identify and share best practices of our clubs and Leagues
4. Formalize requirements for participation in domestic and regional club competitions.

The Trinidad and Tobago Club Licensing Regulations are aligned with the Concacaf’s Club Licensing
Regulations, with Concacaf being the Confederation responsible for football’s governance in the
Caribbean, Central and North American region.

Club Licensing Requirements can be summarized in five (5) main categories.

1. Infrastructure
2. Sporting
3. Administration
4. Financial
5. Legal

The Club Licensing process is exclusively operated via Concacaf’s COMET platform where clubs were
required to login and upload supporting documentation for each of the five categories as required.

9. Who decides which clubs are awarded Licences?

A TTFA appointed independent First Instance Body (FIB) is tasked with the evaluation of the Clubs’ submissions and the award or denial of licences.

The members of the FIB are:

1. Attorney Christophe Brathwaite
2. Cristel Tom Wing
3. Frank Rodriguez
4. Attorney Josiah Cyrus

10. How many Clubs signaled their interest in competing in the Transitional League?

In July 2022, interested Clubs were invited to complete an application to join the League for Year One.
Eleven (11) TT Pro League Clubs, Nine (9) Trinidad and Tobago Super League Clubs and One (1)
Registered Regional Zonal Club submitted applications.

These Twenty-One (21) Clubs are:

Athletic Club Port of Spain (Pro League)
Caledonia AIA Limited (Pro League)
Central F.C. (Pro League)
Point Fortin Civic Football Club (Pro League)
Police F.C. (Pro League)
San Juan Jabloteh (Pro League)
Terminix La Horquetta Rangers FC (Pro League)
W Connection (Pro League)
Defence Force F.C. (Pro League)
Club Sando FC (Pro League)
Cunupia F.C.  (Pro League)
QPCC F.C. (Super League)
San Fernando Giants F.C. (Super League)
Matura ReUnited F.C. (Super League)
Petit Valley Diego Martin United (Super League)
Prison Service F.C. (Super League)
Bethel United F.C. (Super League)
Guaya United F.C. (Super League)
Defence Force TTSL (Super League)
Harlem Strikers F.C. (Super League)
Real West Fort United (NFA)

Subsequent to the initial applications, at a follow up deadline in November 2022, the following Super
League Teams outlined their interest to compete in the Second-Tier: University of Trinidad and Tobago,
RSSR, 1976 Phoenix F.C. and Erin F.C.

11. As of today, which clubs have been approved?

The FIB has reviewed the submitted applications for the Top-Tier division and has to date submitted
approvals for the following clubs thus far:

1. San Juan Jabloteh
2. Prison Service FC
3. Police FC
4. Point Fortin Civic FC
5. Caledonia AIA
6. W Connection
7. Cunupia FC
8. La Horquetta Rangers
9. Club Sando FC
10. T&T Defence Force
11. Central FC
12. AC Port of Spain (*pending final
licensing approval)

12. How is this League being funded?

Funding is being provided by the TTFA through FIFA Forward 3.0, the Government of the Republic of
Trinidad and Tobago, corporate partners and other sponsors. Clubs will be granted subventions, which
they can augment with their own fund-raising.

13. Why should clubs participate in this League?

● To develop and showcase the talent of our top senior players, particularly to local and
international coaches and scouts and to create opportunities for professional club and national
team recruitment
● To provide a high-level of competition to challenge their players and coaches
● To signal they are part of the change in the conduct of professional sport in Trinidad and Tobago
● To WIN: gain bragging rights, earn prizes, compete in the Concacaf Club Competitions 2023
(Top-Tier teams only).

14. Given the timing for participation in the Concacaf Club Competition in 2023, how and when
will the decision be made as to the two teams that will represent Trinidad and Tobago?

The first and second placed teams of the Top-Tier League qualify as Trinidad and Tobago’s
representatives for the Concacaf Club Competition 2023. Due to the late start to the inaugural
competition, the first and second placed teams (i.e. the top two teams) will be selected at a
predetermined Match Day.

15. Where can I find the Tournament rules and regulations?

The Tournament Regulations can be found on the TTFA website.

16. Where will games be played?

Games will be played at the national stadia and other approved venues inclusive of, but not restricted to
the following:

1. Mahaica Sports Complex
2. La Horquetta Recreation Ground
3. Moruga Multi-Purpose Sport and Youth Facility
4. Ken Cooke Grounds (St James Police Barracks)
17. Will admission to matches be free or will tickets be sold?
Tickets can be sold and are to be done in partnership with the Home Team and/or the organizer of the
grounds at the time.

18. Is there Promotion and Relegation?

There will be no Promotion and Relegation in the League’s inaugural season (transitional season).
Subject to the recommendations made by the independent body charged with executing the analysis of
the transitional season, promotion to and relegation from the Top-Tier may commence in year two of
the League. This independent body will be named at a later date.

19. Are Mixed Teams allowed?

This is an All-Male Tournament. Mixed teams are not allowed.

20. What is the Maximum Number of Players per Team?

Each Team is permitted a Registered Roster of no more than thirty-five (35) players.

21. Will Replacement Players be allowed?

A registered player may be replaced by another eligible player in accordance with the Tournament
Regulations within the relevant transfer window and/or registration windows.

22. Can a Player be registered with more than one Team?

NO. Players may only represent one team at any given time. In the event of a team attempting to field a
player in both tiers this cannot be done. A player must only be registered in one team in one tier at any
point in time as per the FIFA Connect registration system.

23. Are there any plans to include a Women’s Division? If so, when?

The focus of this transitional League is the Men’s Division. In the future we hope to include a Women’s
Division to the structure in collaboration with stakeholders such as TT WoLF.

24. Will matches be live-streamed? / Will the matches be recorded?

Broadcast and streaming arrangements are being negotiated and will be announced at a later date.

25. Will Clubs be allowed to have their own media personnel cover games?

Yes. The League’s designated Marketing Official (contact details to be provided) should be consulted at
least two days in advance of the match day. The Clubs media personnel are bound by the provisions
contained in the Tournament Regulations.

26. Who will officiate matches?

All match Officials will be selected from a pool of suitably qualified and trained persons appointed by the
TTFA Refereeing Department.

27. What Covid Protocols shall Teams be required to follow?

This League will strictly observe and enforce all GoRTT Covid-19 regulations and guidelines in force,
inclusive of those that relate to public gatherings and the playing of contact sports. Any game day costs
associated with the adherence of these guidelines will be borne by the TTFA.

28. Has the Committee considered doing its own Covid-19 Vaccination Drive and even identifying
a dedicated Vaccination Sites that participants will have preferential treatment if interested?

No. The GoRTT provides free sites, geographically spread across both islands, that can be easily accessed
by anyone who wishes to become vaccinated.

29. The TTFA has assumed responsibility for paying players and officials participating in this
League. From what date does payroll commence?

In compliance with the terms of financial support, the TTFA will oversee the disbursement process of
funds that are provided to it to support the League. The TTFA will assist the clubs eligible for subvention
by directly covering approved payroll costs. This arrangement does not create any contractual
relationship between the TTFA and the players/ individuals remunerated under this arrangement. Clubs
will maintain control of all other aspects of employment. These Payments will commence on a date to be

By:Yale Z. Antoine
TTPFL Secretary

Upcoming Fixtures.


W Connection FC v Central FC, 5.00pm, Mahaica Sporting Complex.
Point Fortin Civic v Club Sando FC, 7.30pm, Mahaica Sporting Complex.
AC Port of Spain v Defence Force, 5.00pm, La Horquetta Recreation Ground.


La Horquetta Rangers v Police FC, 7.30pm, Phase 2 La Horquetta.


Caledonia AIA v Cunupia FC, 4.00pm, Arima Velodrome.
Prison Service FC v San Juan Jabloteh, 6.30pm Arima Velodrome.


The inaugural TTPFL competition is scheduled to end on Saturday 12 June—by which time all 12 teams should have faced each other twice.

There is no news yet on the prize structure for the TTPFL, which does not have a system for promotion or relegation.

Wharfe said the top teams will receive medals. However the matter of sourcing prize money remains a “work in progress”.