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Former Trinidad and Tobago player Anthony Wolfe

FORMER Soca Warrior Anton Wolfe is encouraging footballers in the T&T Premier Football League (TTPFL) to go the extra mile by taking personal interest in their game and not depend solely on their coaches.

Wolfe was part of the T&T squad at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. He had stints abroad in the US and India and played for multiple clubs locally including North East Stars, San Juan Jabloteh and Ma Pau.

At the launch of the Republic Cup National Youth Football League on Tuesday, Wolfe said personal responsibility is pivotal in an athlete’s development.

“I think (some) of the young players don’t do extra work. I am against that. I played abroad, I played locally and nothing never changed with me. I love to see a player doing extra. Extra doesn’t mean on the training day. Extra means after the session– what are you doing as a player to develop your skills?”

Wolfe used the example of running on your own at a savannah or going to the gym.

“Dwight Yorke gave us a little history about (David) Beckham. After training, Beckham used to be hitting 100 balls in free kicks because he wanted to perfect (it)…when we watching them on TV and saying they are good, it's not what they doing on that day – it's what they doing before.”

Beckham, a former Manchester United and England international, was prolific in taking free kicks. Yorke, who captained T&T at the 2006 World Cup, was Beckham’s team-mate at Manchester United in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Wolfe urged the TTPFL players to trust in God. “Only you could help you, with the help of God. I will always mention God in anything that I do because without Him nothing will be fruitful. With Him what seems impossible will be possible.”

Wolfe is elated that local footballers can play regularly again. “I am very happy for the Premier League that is about to kick off…in terms of players looking forward to playing football, earning a living that could put bread on the table for their family. I think it is a plus. We had a rough two to three years due to the pandemic.”

He said the TTPFL, which kicks off on March 10, will benefit national teams. “This will also be great for our national teams because you will have players playing week in, week out, training almost everyday. Now you can at least get a good core of local players that could go and represent our country when they are called upon.

"For me, it is a great plus for all the organisations who are part of this to see this being successful and I hope it is fruitful at the end of the day.”

The TTPFL will feature tier one and tier two. The league for tier-two teams will start at the end of April.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday