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SW Online - 1: How were you spotted by W Connection.

RP: John Williams and Stuart Charles went to Brazil to look for players, they chose midfielders, strikers and one defender, but at the last minute the defender decided not to go. At that time, Fabiano, another Brazilian with W. Connection at the time, who currently plays with Joe Public called me to try out for W. Connection.

SW Online - 2: How was the experience playing in Trinidad & Tobago.

RP: I developed a lot as a player both mentally and physically.

SW Online - 3: Do you think you were the best defender in the league while you were there.

RP: I think playing with W. Connection brings out the best in all of it's players. It is not for me to say that I was the best in the League. All of the players made a positive contribution in their own way.

SW Online - 4: What part of T&T did you reside.

RP: First I lived at the Savonetta Residence, then I moved to Sevilla, "The Caroni Compound" and sometimes I stayed with my mother-in-law in Edinburgh Gardens Chaguanas.

SW Online - 5: Is your wife Trinidadian, do you have any kids and how did you meet her.

RP: Yes my wife is a Trini. We met after the game when I won the MVP Award in the FCB Cup Final. We plan to have kids but not yet.

SW Online - 6: Do you plan on coming back to T&T to live after you retire from football.

RP: That's too far in the future to say right now, but maybe.

SW Online - 7: Where was your favorite place you liked to visit when you lived in T&T.

RP: I liked going to Maracas to eat Richard's Bake and Shark. For me it's the "Best", I never had it before !

SW Online - 8: Which T&T clubs do you think can be successful at concacaf level.

RP: I think W. Connection and Jabloteh, because these two teams qualified and played in this competition before. With a little more effort they can both be successful.

SW Online - 19: Was it hard to adjust when you first came to T&T.

RP: Yes, for the first 5 or 6 months it was really tough.

SW Online - 10: Were you excited to join W Connection.

RP: Yes.

SW Online - 11: Do you still keep in contact with W Connection and its players.

RP: Yes, I still keep in touch with Ronaldo Viana and Gefferson Goulart.

SW Online - 12: What can you bring to the game.

RP: Experience, talent, respect for others and passion for the game of football.

SW Online - 13: Out of all the Brazilians at W Connection, who did you think were special.

RP: I think everyone had special talents in their respective positions, which contributed to the overall success of W. Connection.

SW Online - 14: What is your aim in life.

RP: My dream is to play in Europe, now that I have achieved this I would like to further my career here.

SW Online - 15: Is the standard of football better in the division you are playing in presently compare to the league in T&T.

RP: Yes.

SW Online - 16: How did you managed to obtained a contract in Sweden.

RP: In 2003 I played with W. Connection for 5 months without a contract. In May of 2003, I left W.Connection and I joined New Jersey Stallions of USA, a scout saw me and offered me an opportunity to go to Europe to Tryout.

SW Online - 17: Are you still attached to W Connection in any way.

RP: No.

SW Online - 18: Have you ever seen T&T national team play, if so, what’s your take on the team.

RP: I played against them twice in "Friendly Games". From what I saw at that time, the players need to take the game more seriously, because when the National team plays, they are not only playing for themselves, they are representing their entire country.

SW Online - 19: Who do you admire the most on the T&T team.

RP: Dwight Yorke and Russel Latapy.

SW Online - 20: Which local T&T player did you admire while playing in T&T.

RP: Atiba Charles and Reynold Carrington, because they worked really hard and took the game very seriously. They did their best in every training session and every game.

SW Online - 21: Have you ever visited the Soca Warriors Online, if so, what’s your thoughts.

RP: Yes I have, I like the forum, the discussions can get heated at times but its all in support of the game.

SW Online - 21: If you were eligible to represent T&T, will you commit 100% to the caused knowing that you could be involved in a club vs country row.

RP: If I am given the opportunity to represent T&T I will give 110%, I am not worried about club vs country. I think representing your country is a much greater responsibility.

SW Online - 23: What clubs did you play for while in Brazil.

RP: Botafogo F.C, Novo Horizontino F.C, A.E.Araçatuba, Bandeirantes F.C.

SW Online - 24: Who was the best player or most recognized player you have ever played with.

RP: While in A.E. Araçatuba, I played with Vladimir, Gilmar Franscisco, Maizena, Pedro Luiz and Cleomir. These players were with the Brazil National Team and some Top Clubs in Brazil like Cruzero, Sao Paulo etc. I also shared the field with Rivaldo who played for Palmeiras, Edmundo, Marcelinho Carioca, Ze Elias, Silvinho (now with Barcelona F.C), who all played for Corinthians F.C.

SW Online - 25: What was your proudest moment in football.

RP: I started playing in the 2nd half of the 2004 season, scored 2 goals and in this short time, I won the Best Defender award in Division 2 for my region in Sweden.

SW Online - 26: Do you think T&T can still qualify for the 2006 world cup.

RP: Yes, but the players need to be more committed and motivated.

SW Online - 27: You live in Sweden now, lets say T&T were playing a match against Sweden, who would you cheer for.

RP: I hold no emotional ties to Sweden, I will definitely support T&T.

SW Online - 28: If you were the CEO of the T&T Pro-League, what would you have done to make it better.

RP: When I was there the game was very competitive, I believe it is still the same, I would have probably just added a few more clubs to the League.

SW Online - 29: Did you took part in carnival celebrations while in T&T, if so, what’s your thoughts compare to the one in Brazil.

RP: Being a Brazilian it is very difficult to answer this question. I would say that I like Soca and the Trini vibe during Carnival. In 2000 I went to a party at Jenny's in POS to promote the team, lets just say I never knew I could sing soca.

SW Online - 30: You were based in T&T when Rene Simoes was hired to coach the T&T national team, how was the feeling having such an experience and good coach from your country around.

RP: I respect and admire Rene Simoes he did a lot for Jamaica in leading them to the World Stage. I think he tried to do the same for Trinidad but I believe the players needed to take the game more seriously. I know the Trini lifestyle is about liming and partying but when it comes to Professional football the game comes first !

Best Regard.
Renato Rodrigues Pereira Jr.

Renato Pereira, a Brazilian who once played professionally in Trinidad & Tobago for club W Connection.

PS: On behalf on the Soca Warriors Online members, we say thank you Mr. Renato Pereira for taking the time out to do this Q&A Interview for us. We wish you all the best in the future. May Gob Bless you and your family.