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The current TTFA administration took office in November 2015, with Women’s football high on its agenda.

We honored commitments to play in USA and accepted an offer to play in Brazil, and then set about an ambitious plan to hire a full time professional staff, and put our top local based players on retainer contracts.

It should be noted that the Women’s program has been fully funded by TTFA over the past two (2) years, and this includes U-15, U-17, U-20 and Senior Women’s teams.

Due to recent public statements on the Senior Women’s programme, the TTFA is obliged to put the following facts on record with respect to the present 2018 Concacaf Women’s Championship:

  1. No approach was made for an overseas camp to the TTFA‘s General Secretariat nor President by the team manager, prior to nor at the time of postings made on social media by players on Wednesday 12th September 2018. The only request for a Camp from the manager was first made on Friday September 14th 2018, two days after the postings (see correspondence attached).
  2.  Given the current economic climate, the TTFA did not initially approach Government for funding for the women’s team for upcoming qualifiers, as it is currently seeking alternative financial support. However, without the consent and knowledge of the TTFA secretariat, a member of the technical staff approached the Government directly via email for financial support and we have since been treating with this matter;
  3.  In terms of preparation, the TTFA has ensured the Womens Senior team participated in nineteen (19) international matches in the last eighteen (18) months, the most for any T&T national women’s team. Matches Played – Venezuela (2); Panama (2); CFU Challenge series(3); CFU qualifiers (4); CAC games (4); Concacaf qualifiers (4).

Women’s National Coach Appointment

  • To their credit, the interim coaching staff (which included Assistant Coach, Shawn Cooper) has continued training with the national women’s team, since their return from Jamaica, despite the circulation on social media.
  • The Head of the Technical Committee on the advice of the Technical Director and team manager, made a recommendation to confirm Mr. Shawn Cooper as Head coach of the team for only the Concacaf final Round to be held in the USA. To expedite the process, The Head of the Technical Committee and Board Member prudently round robin the recommendation for Board approval. Of the nine 9 eligible voting members on Board, five 5 gave approval of the recommendation, 1 abstained and 3 did not approve of the round robin process. Mr. Cooper has been since been confirmed to the position.

The following is a breakdown of monies spent on the Senior Women’s Programme only from November 2015
to date.

Note: under the current administration, it is the first time women’s national players were given retainer contracts.

Category Cost $TT
Player Retainer contracts/physiotherapy/consultancy $1,586,407.63
Hotel Accommodation for Travel and Camps $914,749.31
Salary to Manager and Local Technical Staff $640,782.07
Airfares to return foreign players and travel to foreign tournaments $417,152.02
Medical Supplies $47,576.55
Transport $50,000.00
Equipment $45,000.00
Total $3,701,667.58

The TTFA continues to work in the best interest of Trinidad and Tobago Womens football.