Fri, Mar

195 coaches worldwide apply for T&T Women's coaching job.

A total of 195 coaches from countries around the world, have applied to be the Senior National Women's coach.

Entry for applicants closed on Tuesday and to date, only Richard Hood, the former national under-20 and under-17 coach is the only name to be known from the list.

The coach who led this country's under-20 women's team to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Under-20 Championships in the Dominican Republic last year confirmed for Guardian Media Sports on Thursday that he has applied for the position when it was advertised last week.

A number of local coaches have applied for the job but Jamal Shabazz, the Morvant Caledonia United owner and managing director, who has coached women's football for many years, said he believes the TTFA should appoint a woman's head coach.

His call comes after Italian Carolina Morace and her staff of Nicola Williams, Elisabetta Bavagnoli and Manuela Tesse, left T&T after some five months of their recruitment in February 2017, for the ever familiar issues of player-indiscipline and no wages.

The T&T Football Association officials were feverishly sorting the stack of applications for the past two days in an effort to announce who will be the country's new coach next week.

Since the invitation went out last week, there was an influx of applicants from countries such as England, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, United States, Italy, Mexico, France, Sudan, Australia, Samoa, and Japan, among many others.

However, the process to select the candidate by the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee which is headed by businessman Robert Hadad was not revealed.