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Trey Hart resigns after refusing TTFA re-assignment.

Feeling discriminated against, Trey Hart, a former national youth football coach has rejected an offer to be re-assigned to the Under-15 Girls National team and has resinged his position accoring the TTFA.

In a letter written to Keith Look Loy, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the T&T Football Association, Hart told the media that he felt discriminated against when he was unceremoniously relieved of his position as trainer of the national under-20 men's team.

In a detailed breakdown of the developments that led to his re-assignment, Hart explained; "On March 6, 2020, I received notice via text that I was being relocated without context or reasoning, however, I only saw the said notice the next day. I contacted the head coach of the Under-20 programme Derek King to seek clarity in the matter. His response was that it was his recommendation that I be reassigned as he preferred to work with Saron Joseph, whose position within the organisation continuously switches from massage therapist to trainer. When asked the reason for his preference, he stated that Saron has many years of experience working with the national team, as it was him (King) who initially gave him his first national team position."

He added: "He then continued to say that there is chemistry between the pair and that is of importance when deciding on his technical staff."

"Following this, I contacted you (Look Loy) as I was baffled by what was transpiring for which you advised a meeting to be held with King to find a resolve. I heeded to your suggestion and contacted King, however, there was no change in the situation. Hence, I was pushed away from the job by the head coach and later removed from the WhatsApp group."

As a result of this, Hart is complaining of nepotism. He believes there was no review of his performance by either the head coach or the technical committee to warrant my re-assignment.

According to Hart: "This goes against the January 16 press release which states that members of staff will be chosen for teams based on their potential to positively impact teams. Upon hiring the technical staff, you stated that teams do not belong to the coaches but rather to the TTFA, so how can this situation happen."

Hart is a strength and conditioning training with T&T Pro League outfit Cunupia FC. He was also involved in the women's programme under former head women's coach Jamaal Shabazz.