Sat, Dec


ANTHONY HARFORD has taken the decision to contest the post of president of the Northern Football Association (NFA) on a “voluntary” basis.

Harford, who earns his living as a promoter of sporting events, has a history of involvement with North teams, some of which play in the Savannah football run by his All Sports Promotions company. 

The NFA competition is yet to start—unlike most of the other zonal football association—primarily due to its president Roland Forde suffering a stroke. With Forde unlikely to take up office again, Harford confirmed to the Express there has been an effort to have him take over running North Zone football.

“I am going to run for North Zone,” Harford confirmed. 

“I grow up in the North and watch all my football in the (Queen’s Park) Savannah. I play (organise) all my football in the Savannah.” 

Harford explained that there was an internal move by current North zone officials, among them current president Forde and operations manager Dale Tavares to have the successful organiser come in an help the North Zone, whose operation has been on the downgrade for some time—a far cry from the days when Savannah (Queen’s Park) football was a big thing. 

“The situation is that Forde got a stroke and he is no longer able to continue working,” Harford said. 

“Since I live right in Cascade, I don’t mind running for the presidency on a voluntary basis to steady the ship,” Harford added.