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Popular sports administrator Anthony Harford could well be the next person in charge of football in the North Zone.

Harford is among three persons who will be contesting the post of president when the Northern Football Association (NFA) holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of Officers at a date and time to be announced.

The others are former national midfielder now turn coach Clint Marcelle and another ex T&T players Nevick Denoon who is coach of Morvant Elements. 

Sources close to the NFA have said that the clubs will be throwing their support behind Harford, as they believe he will do a good job. Harford when contacted yesterday said he offered his services to the north zone because he lives in the north and has been in sports for his entire life and therefore wants to give back to an area he has spent most of his life. 

He said he deliberately did not go up for the top post in the much anticipating T&T Football Association AGM and Election of Officers on November 29 because he is in the business of sports and did not want to appear to be receiving jobs from his employers, so he decided to go up for the NFA.

Yesterday Harford admitted to not knowing much of the operations within the NFA or what marketing strategy is being used by the northern association but said if he is selected, he will have to sit down with his team and chart a way forward. 

According to Harford “I feel that I have a responsibility towards sport development in the north zone because I have been in sports all my life.”  

Elections in the zone will only be known when its clubs have all seen an amended constitution which was mandated by the parent TTFA. Elections in the various regional association such as the Northern Football Association (NFA), Southern Football Association (SFA), Tobago Football Association (TFA), Eastern Football Association (EFA), the Central Football Association (CFA) and the Eastern Counties Football Union (ECFU) were suspended after an order by the world governing body for football- FIFA earlier this year. 

The Guardian learnt that the clubs are all expected to have had the opportunity to look at and study the amended constitution by November 21 after which an election date will be called in the north zone. Yesterday president Roland Forde said he will not be seeking re-election and he has already communicated that to the clubs. 

Yesterday a member of the NFA who wished to speak on conditions of anonymity said he and all clubs have agreed to pledge their support for Harford as he was the best candidate for the job. “These are my last days in this office and if Marcelle or Denoon is selected it will definitely confirm my exit. However if Harford is elected I do mind working with him because he seems to know what he is about,” he concluded.