Sat, Dec

Central Football Association

By January 2022, all clubs in the Central Football Association (CFA) are expected to be fully compliant, and their members fully vaccinated ahead of the start of football in July/August.

President Shymdeo Gosine has been leading this charge and on Monday, he issued an easier way for clubs to achieve this via an online website ( as a most effective means of club identification and compliance for central zone communities.

Gosine said his association intends to waive the fees for clubs owing monies to the CFA for registration in the past, as well as for other areas, to ensure that the objective of meeting FIFA's compliance initiative, will be achieved.

A release on Monday by the CFA said: "The Central Football Association (CFA) has implemented a website as a most effective means of club identification and compliance in the central zone communities.

"This is seen as necessary for both existing and prospective clubs to ensure transparency and legitimacy of club existence. In anticipation of a resumption of football in 2022, clubs are required to become fully compliant to avoid non-participation in upcoming competitions and activities."

According to the release also, the requirements shall be duly posted and clubs shall also have the option to seek clarification and support from the general secretary/secretariat of the CFA.

It said: "The general secretariat is therefore seeking to assist as far as possible in implementing this initiative's successful outcome."

Only recently the CFA appointed veteran football administrator Lennox Sirjuesingh as a replacement for Christopher Regis as the general secretary. And Monday, Sirjuesingh explained that due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, the CFA will be proactive to develop an online platform to assist club administrators, as well as the CFA, in the management of central football. 

Gosine called on all club members to get vaccinated if they want football to take place.

"This is the only way football will go on as expected," Gosine explained.

In addition to the CFA League, Gosine will also seek to have a Youth League and a Women's League, this year.