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Team Transformation: Top Row (L-R): Mr. Brian K. Jordan, Mr. Kirwin Weston, Mr. Jefferson George; Bottom Row (L-R): Mr. Jaghernath Goolcharan, Ms. Anita Sennon, Mr. Andy Smith

The Southern Football Association (SFA) is expected to have its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March 2023 with a membership vote due at that time to elect new Executive leadership. Based on its existing Constitution, persons elected at that AGM would serve a four-year term. The SFA is one of the regional stakeholder bodies with membership within the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association (TTFA). The regional body is currently led by President, Mr. Richard Quan Chan, with General Secretary, Ms. Alexandrine Procope.

As previously announced, one of the people who will be vying for leadership in the upcoming election is Mr. Brian K. Jordan, Chairman of the NLCL Community Cup and Coach at the Union Hall United Football Academy. Mr. Jordan will lead a slate called, Team Transformation, in the election. The Team Transformation slate will be focused on youth development initiatives, increasing sponsorship and financial support, expanding membership participation in leagues and committees, and many other growth directed areas.

For over a year, the Team Transformation slate has been meeting with regional teams and youth academies. During that time, they have visited or spoken with almost every football team and youth academy within the regional association boundaries. As part of that outreach, the various teams and youth academies would have presented many great ideas, affecting various areas of interest. They also would have raised some serious concerns, and the Team Transformation slate has used many of the ideas from stakeholders to draft a viable strategic plan to get the association back to the pinnacle of local football.

Mr. Brian K. Jordan and his team are committed to working with all stakeholders to positively transform the Regional Association. He stated, “I am pleased to announce that we are ready to help right away if we are lucky enough to be chosen by the membership.”  He added, “We have a team of people dedicated to the sport and to the stakeholders at all levels. We are pleased to be introducing the slate to the valued SFA members and stakeholders.”

Team Transformation will include the following persons (and roles):

  • Mr. Brian K. Jordan (President / Women and Girls)
  • Mr. Kirwin Weston (First Vice President)
  • Mr. Jefferson George (Second Vice President & Technical Director)
  • Mr. Jaghernath Goolcharan (P.R.O)
  • Ms. Anita Sennon (Administration)
  • Mr. Andy Smith (Health, Safety and Security)

 Point Fortin born and bred, Mr. Jordan is a business owner, licensed football coach and founder of the NLCL Community Cup and the associated annual Holiday Hamper Drive, which benefits many of the at-risk youth footballers across Trinidad & Tobago. The national tournament is played at Under 19 level and soon will expand to the Under 15 age group. He is a former Assistant Coach in the SSFL, manager and assistant coach in the Pro League system, and is still a Coach at the Union Hall United Football Academy, which is located in the San Fernando area. He will be responsible for expanding the sponsorship base of the regional body, growing the membership base, increasing opportunities for women and girls, as well as, ensuring each stakeholder is included in the growth and development plans being implemented.

Mr. George hails from Princes Town and is the current President of the United Football Coaches of Trinidad & Tobago, which is the newest member of the TTFA. He holds many coaching and academic certificates and diplomas, including from the KNVB (Dutch license). He is also a seasoned coach within the SSFL, the Pro League, and highly decorated past player. He understands the need to standardize and create more technical developmental structure for our coaches and player pool within the association. He will work with the Executive, members and stakeholders to create a new Technical Directorate ensuring all academies and teams have specific and achievable standards and targets.

Prior to now, Mr Goolcharan has proudly served as a TTFA and FIFA Match Official. As part of the Team Transformation Board of Management slate, he will be tasked with helping to formulate strategies to assist in the recruitment of new match officials. As part of his duties, he will also help the current match official hierarchy in the zone to ensure SFA match officials are receiving the resources they need and that they are fairly treated, thereby helping to improve the quality standard in the zone.  He will also function as the Public Relations Officer for the Management body.

Ms. Sennon is currently a seasoned administrator with one of the established football teams within the regional body. She will ensure that all meetings and transactions are properly documented and available electronically to members, upon request. In addition, all teams and academies will receive updated rules and regulations for any leagues or tournaments run by the SFA. As an experienced member of the Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service, Ms. Sennon will also be able to help in implementing a new and much needed Health, Safety and Security Standing Committee. Such a committee would oversee building relationships with medical service providers allowing for more affordable pricing for treatment of SFA members.  She would also help with initiatives like the Holiday Hamper Drive, further seeking to assist and improve the quality of the off-field lives of SFA stakeholders.

Mr. Weston has been a steward of the game working within the Barrackpore community for many years. He is a University graduate and licensed coach and will be helping to implement many new Information Technology initiatives, inclusive of social media and online registration of teams and players. His background will also serve well as he engages in setting up competitions and framework for youth development in the zone.

Mr. Smith, is currently a resident of Moruga and is currently a licensed coach at Moruga F.C. He is a former Match Official and is now a serving member of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service. He will be the Chairman of a New Health, Safety and Security Committee to be implemented under the slate, once successful. The Covid pandemic would have created an awareness of the need to be prepared and Mr. Smith will be able to work with Ms. Sennon and the membership to craft policies, procedures and protocols for effective management of health, safety and security in the zone.

Knowing and fully understanding the many challenges in the zone, Mr. Jordan and the other members of Team Transformation have already drafted a strategic plan for review by the membership, once they are elected by the membership. Team Transformation fully believes that by working collaboratively with football teams, youth academies, match officials and other stakeholders, every strategic plan element can be improved, prioritized and achieved.

For More Information: Mrs. Germaine Jordan, Media Officer (868) 778-4261