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Central Zone referee Oswald Myers

Contrary to previous reports, referees officiating in the southern and central football associations are not on strike.

This was confirmed by chairperson of the southern referees association Lynda Bramble-Thompson and central zone referee Oswald Myers on Monday.

Both match officials denied recent claims that their zonal referees were staying away from matches for various reasons.

Bramble-Thompson and Myers said that both the Southern Football Association (SFA) and Central Football Association (CFA) are in negotiations with match officials to chart a reasonable way forward.

Bramble-Thompson chose to clear the air after it was reported by another daily newspaper on Sunday, that SFA referees refused to work “demanding more money and security arrangements”.

These statements were made by SFA president and Tiger Tanks Limited general manager Denis Latin.

However, she denied the claims and said a possible resolution could come within the next two to three days.

“The referees are not striking and I don’t know why Mr Latiff has indicated that. We are in negotiations with the SFA as I said. We have sent them a proposal and were awaiting a response I guess. They promised to get back to us after tomorrow (Tuesday) when they have meetings with all their stakeholders.”

Bramble-Thompson confirmed that she is not affiliated, in any way, to the T&T Football Referees Association as claimed in the newspaper report.

“We are part of the TTFA referees department. SFA promised to get back to us so we’re waiting to see,” she added.

Similarly, Myers said that they are also in negotiations with CFA but referees are still doing their job.

“Central referees are not on strike. As it is now, we are locked in negotiations with the CFA with respect to stipends. This is for the CFA zonal football.

We’re still furnishing the CFA Youth League. Up to Sunday we had games there and referees were there officiating. We are up and functional.” Myers said.

Newsday attempted to contact Latiff for a response via phone call but was unsuccessful.

The newspaper report also said that Latiff believes money is the issue but courtesy of high operational costs and “no help from the TTFA”.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday