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TTFA Act misinterpreted

Judge Carol Gobin may have given more weight than is due to the T&T Football Association (TTFA) Incorporation Act, No 17 of 1982 when she awarded victory to the TTFA in its lawsuit against FIFA in the T&T High Court on October 13.

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EFA boss Edwards wants NC to return

Letter to TTFA Membership

On October 25, the membership of football in T&T will decide on the way forward for the sport, coming on the heels of the T&T Football Association’s (TTFA) triumph in the court, and a FIFA suspension that has caused tension among the football fraternity.

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Former SSFL President William Wallace

Systemic reform of T&T’s youth development programmes and professional league is the only solution to facilitate a smoother transition of younger players into world-class footballers.

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