Sun, Jun


Former Strike Squad skipper Clayton Morris questioned the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams's threats to the tenure of the newly-appointed head coach Tom Saintfiet, saying they have undermined the Belgian before a ball is kicked.

Morris, the current head coach of the national men's Futsal team who has had run-ins with the president and the TTFA administration over their management style, said John-Williams undermined the coach even further when he announced publicly that Saintfiet was the second choice.

The former W Connection boss also publicly told the Belgian that if he didn't get results in the next two Hex' CONCACAF World Cup Final Qualifying round matches against Panama and Mexico next March he (John-Williams) and the TTFA would have him pack his bags and go?.

I really don't know what they were thinking, the TTFA, Morris said, I found it strange that the president could mention that this is the second choice. I don't understand why he had to say that. Putting (the coach at a disadvantage from the first kick.

Morris said the coach selection process was flawed because after the shortlist had been whittled down to four candidates from 24 applicants, the TTFA decided to choose a candidate mostly on the basis of affordability.

The former T&T defender said that decision was compounded by the style and content of John-Williams' announcement Wednesday.