Thu, Jun

Acting general secretary of the TTFA, Amiel Mohammed

THE TT Football Association (TTFA) is actively working on logistical matters ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Concacaf Zone qualifying match between T&T and Guyana, which will take place at the Estadio Panamericano, San Cristobal, Dominican Republic on March 25.

The game, which was originally carded to take place here in T&T, has been shifted to the Dominican Republic due to T&T’s covid19 protocols. The Spanish-speaking nation does not have any quarantine restrictions.

Acting general secretary of the TTFA, Amiel Mohammed, said on Monday, “Even though the normalisation (committee) is acting as the board, the TTFA staff is working diligently to try to provide the men’s national team with the best preparation available. We know that we’re still in covid times so logistics are, quite frankly, a nightmare.”

On February 20, Sports Minister Shamfa Cudjoe, during a media conference, said that the T&T government will not be able to waive mandatory quarantine for the match. As a result, the TTFA, which is run by a FIFA-appointed normalisation committee headed by businessman Robert Hadad, decided to move the game to the Dominican Republic.

That move was chastised by T&T coach Terry Fenwick who, in a Newsday report on February 21, said, “I am very disappointed because the game was carded as a home game for T&T in a one-off playoff against Guyana. We have not been able to secure that game over that period of time, which is important (to note).”

Mohammed, on Monday, pointed out, “We’re actively trying to weigh up the best logistics, with the cost factors, to try to give Terry and his team the best possible preparation available, whether that includes a camp, friendly matches (or) scrimmage matches. All of that are being assessed as we speak. We should have a clearer idea of the plan or the calendar within the next few days.”

Mohammed was unable to confirm when the T&T team will be leaving for the Dominican Republic. “We’re in constant communication with the Dominican (Republic) FA and we’re trying to work out all those logistical things. We should have an update within the next couple days.” In January, the TTFA advertised its search for the vacant post of T&T women’s team coach. According to Mohammed, “We should have an update (on) that very soon. This week for sure.”