Mon, May

Technical Director Anton Corneal, right, making a point to participants of the recent CONCACAF 'C' License Women's Course. Afterwards all the participants received certification which Corneal said will auger well for local football.

CONCACAF 'C' License Certificates were handed out to many former and present women players who are making the transition from player to coach.

The course was conducted by the new Technical Director of T&T football Anton Corneal who admitted that he also played a part in designing the course.

On Thursday, Corneal said he was proud to have been the one to conduct the course as it was a comprehensive one which will be a good building block for young persons.

"In discussion with CONCACAF this morning they asked if you're using the same syllabus, which I am using and I am also using some additional work which I have done with the T&T Football Association over the past 10 years and I'm bringing it together.

They were able to certify all the participants with CONCACAF licenses and I think this is a big step forward. We thought it might have been a year or two away but it's upon us right now and I'm really happy for the girls.

This course is going to entail leadership, management, teaching and coaching, preparation and planning," Corneal explained.

He admitted also that over the years the course has been improving as they have taken direction from UEFA which ensures that there is a consistency between our confederation and other confederations.

From the course, four recognised local coaches Rajesh Latchoo, Marlon Charles, Paul Decle and Desiree Sargeant were recognised as future coach educators.

Meanwhile, Corneal said the T&T senior women's football team is in a good position now, having won its opening two Group F matches against Nicaragua and Dominica in the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.

The Kenwyne Jones-coached women's senior team shut out Nicaragua 2-1 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo and later Dominica 2-0 at the National Track and Field Facility in Lenora, Guyana.

Corneal said: "It's always good to get full points because you're getting full points coming off of two games and there are more games to play. You're able to see your strengths, areas that you need to improve on, you're able to see your opponents so now you're in a better position to plan.

I think it's a blessing in disguise regardless of the results. The other coaches also saw the same, however, they saw us and our potential, so we have probably to keep searching out players who have an interest to play for our country, which is no different from any of the Caribbean countries."

SOURCE: T&T Guardian