Tue, Oct

Charleston Battery defender Leland Archer

Charleston Battery Defender and former College of Charleston Cougar, Leland Archer, is currently spending time with Scottish Premiership Hibernian FC.

After the team announced their new partnership with the club two weeks ago, both Archer and Robbie Crawford have spent the past week with the team.

Archer took some time to talk about his experience with the team in an interview with News 2 Sports.

“Yeah I think the level of competition is definitely a little better here,” said Leland Archer. ” In the sense that they play a lot quicker and a lot more physical. Different style from playing in America. Yeah, I think definately a good opportunity for me to possibly be on this team. I’ll have to play well. The city is beautiful actually. There’s actually a lot of greenery in the main city of Edinburgh. It reminds me of back home and kind of makes it like Charleston and back home so it’s nice.”