Wed, Oct

Not for the first time this season, Sky Blues fans have vented their frustrations at one of their own players when the chips are down.

The victim at the weekend was striker Stern John who is going through somewhat of a crisis of confidence and dip in form at the moment.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge any supporter who forks out their hard-earned cash the opportunity to express their feelings from the terraces, particularly the die-hard band who travelled to Burnley and Wigan last week.

However, to pick on individuals in their own team is not helpful to anyone, not least the player who is desperately trying his best for the club.

At this point, no doubt the aforementioned detractors will be taking issue with claim that John, in this case, and Steve Staunton, Tim Sherwood, Dele Adebola and Gary McAllister before them, to name just a few who have been the target of the City boo-boys, is trying his best.

His best may not be good enough at the moment but the point is, although he might not be playing to his potential, he is still trying to do his bit for the team.

The fact that he is still on the pitch is down to the manager, not him, and while the striker is struggling with confidence the last thing he needs as he tries to snap out of it is his own fans getting on his back. That will only have a negative affect and could, arguably, make the situation worse.

As it happens, Peter Reid has taken the decision to drop him for tonight's match at Middlesbrough in the hope that he will come back stronger at the weekend.

The similar treatment of Dele Adebola last season was another example which had an interesting twist.

The striker was roundly booed after failing to make an impact at the start of the season before being bombed out by the manager.

But he re-emerged later in the season when a groundswell of supporters, presumably feeling sorry for the striker, suddenly got behind him and tried to encourage him.

Now isn't that a far better option? Stern John is a proven goalscorer at this level and there is no reason why he can't be again with Coventry City. And maybe getting behind the lad will help him through it.

If that option doesn't appeal, get onto the manager for picking him in the first place or, better still, start shouting for your preferred substitute to be used. But don't take it out on the player.

Bjarni Gudjonsson is another player who is currently trying to get through a dip and I have heard some say they feel he 'doesn't care' now that he has got a contract - an accusation to which he takes great offence.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Having spoken to the midfielder he is desperate to rekindle his form and is doing extra training.

And the one thing that comes across when talking to him, as it did when speaking to John at the weekend, is that they really do want success as much as the fans.

* THE FA's decision to uphold Steve Staunton's red card is an absolute nonsense.

Even Wigan's Jason Roberts admitted afterwards that he slipped rather than being fouled, a fact that was put to the Soho Square officials as part of City's case.

But it doesn't come as any great surprise, coming from an organisation who felt there was 'insufficient evidence' to punish David Beckham recently, after the England skipper admitted deliberately getting booked to get a suspension out of the way while injured.

The only good thing to come out of the Staunton decision is that Stuart Giddings gets another chance to impress.