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Matthew Bartholomew

FORMER T&T footballer Matthew Bartholomew is recovering from covid19, according to a post on his Facebook page.

Bartholomew, who played for St Benedict’s College in the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) as well as W Connection and Point Fortin Civic in the TT Pro League, had two international appearances for T&T – against Chile and Belize, in 2010.

On his Facebook post, on Sunday, the 31-year-old highlighted the treatment he received at both the Point Fortin Area hospital and the La Brea Health Centre.

“On September 2, I fell ill with fever, took some meds and, by the next day, the fever was gone but I was still light-headed and (I) lost taste and smell,” Bartholomew wrote. “So, I went to the hospital and explained by symptoms to get a professional opinion.

“While explaining to the female doctor my symptoms, a male doctor was shaking his head, as to say that it’s not covid19 and I don’t need to be tested.”

According to Bartholomew, “I was given panadol and piriton, then advised that I take one day sick leave.”

Bartholomew said that he was aware of “the symptoms to look out for”, so he sought a second opinion at the La Brea Health Centre.

“I was advised to quarantine while waiting on the results,” he said. “Lo and behold it came back positive!”

Bartholomew expressed disgust at his treatment at the Point Fortin Area hospital. “So, if I left the hospital that day with my one-day sick leave and went to work the next day, what would have been my position or the position of my co-workers and their families?”

He ended the post by saying, “I’m doing well (by the way), I have four more days left to quarantine.”