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FORMER CHAMPIONS Boys Town will tackle Take That and Cool It tomorrow in what is expected to be one of the most intriguing finals of the Caribbean Welders Fishing Pond Football League at 3 pm. The third place play-off will precede the final with Dream Team meeting 2015 winners G Madrid at 1 pm.

The champions this year will take home $30,000 while the runners- up will get $7,000. The third and fourth-placed teams receive $5,000 and $3,000 respectively. 

Speaking to Newsday ahead of the title match, Boys Town manager Daryl ‘Blem’ Miranda expressed full confidence in his troops to get the win and capture the coveted first prize. And with former Boys Town stars Irvin and Sean Reyes suiting up for ‘Cool It’ this year, it provides another twist in an intriguing narrative. 

“We have everybody (available), everybody up to mark. My supporters coming to give the (Take That and Cool It) players a hard time, especially Irvin Reyes. They could know a little secret but we know things about them too. We know them strong point and them weak point,” he said. 

Who are the favourites tomorrow? “We have the edge because we have the momentum right now. 

The season start kind of rough for we but I always tell my players have faith and we go make it into the (Big) eight. Once we make it into the eight we go win the competition, yuh understand,” he added. 

The Boys Town manager noted he is satisfied with how his team is playing currently and has given them some advice for the final. 

“Just not to give them no room to shoot. Just to lock down Irvin Reyes and try not to give them room. No free-kick, try to lessen on the fouls because they have real men could kick good, Sean (Reyes) could kick and I have to try and prevent that.” ‘Blem’ said there has been plenty picong among his former players but despite that says they are all one family. 

Irvin has boasted he will retire from all football if Boys Town win but ‘Blem’ think he should reconsider his decision as of all the finals his team has played he is most confident about this one. 

‘Cool It’ boss Sherwin ‘Pigeon’ Joseph is equally confident though and believes his team is peaking at the right time. 

“Honestly, they go put up a little fight but they eh ready yet. Right now we clicking at the right time. 

The defence, the forwards and we playing as a unit. Going into the final, we is the team to beat,” he declared. 

He brushed aside the idea though that Boys Town have the edge after winning eight straight games including beating ‘Cool It’ in the league stage. ‘Pigeon’ pointed out that that defeat was a result of them playing a weakened team in that match as they had already secured their spot in the ‘Big 8’ and did not want to pick up any injuries. 

“The only thing about Boys Town is right now they have the luck going with them. If we didn’t give them the passage (they wouldn’t be here) but take out the passage, we unbeaten in about nine games. We not taking them lightly but we giving 150 (percent effort). 

All the players say if we don’t win this year we go never win again. 

We had something for Biche (G Madrid) and we put them to rest. 

For the last three years every year we beat Boys Town so we full of confidence,” he stated