Mon, May

Look Loy retires as Big Cannons head coach.

FC Santa Rosa wishes to inform the members and supporters of the club, and the public as a whole, of the resignation of Big Cannons head coach Keith Look Loy.

The resignation brings to an end of Keith's eight-year tenure as head coach of the club's elite team, and a thirty-year career that began with Malick Senior Comprehensive School in 1987 and saw him win titles in schools', youth and elite football..

Keith founded the club in 1992 and coached its several junior teams to regional and national titles over many years.

The Big Cannons were created in 2010 to participate in the men's division of the Eastern FA and quickly won successive promotions from the two-division EFA to the National Super League in 2012.

The Big Cannons finished seventh in their first season and quickly established themselves as a bona fide Super League team. The club won the last NSL title in 2016 and finished second in the new TT Super League this season.

At the start of the 2017 season Keith had advised the club of his intention to retire at the end of the season and he has held to his decision. He will now continue coaching the Under 12s in FC Santa Rosa's football school, which he has done for many years.

He will, of course, remain president of the club. He will also now focus on his role as president of the TT Super League.