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Lee Davis, Super League president

Football is guaranteed to be played, if not before the end of the year, then from January next year, for sure.

T&T Super League president Lee Davis gave this assurance, saying they have been waiting on the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee, which is led by Robert Hadad to manage the affairs of the T&T Football Association (TTFA), to make an announcement first. However, Davis said, "If nothing is said or done, then we will be doing our thing. Maybe a full season or a sixth-month league will be put together."

He noted: "We have been standing on the sidelines for months now and to date, we are still standing here."

The Super League boss is hoping that due to the recent court ruling that gives the embattled football association the approval to pay off its creditors under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, the proposal for the start-up of the New Elite Football League (NEFL) will get going once again.

The new league is part of the TTFA's plan to revive football in the country as it seeks to resolve a debt crisis that has crippled the association for several years through the efforts of Maria Daniel, the trustee acting on behalf of the TTFA’s normalisation committee, who has structured a repayment proposal. However, it faced a delay from former TTFA Special Adviser Jack Warner, former coach Terry Fenwick and ex-marketing manager Peter Miller who challenged the payment proposal.

But last Wednesday, Justice Devindra Rampersad approved the repayment proposal filed by Daniel, the trustee acting on behalf of the TTFA after attorneys representing Warner, Fenwick, and Miller pulled out their claims.

Davis told Guardian Media Sports yesterday the court matter was the only matter hampering the league's progress.

The TTFA held a seminar a couple of months ago, to assist clubs in becoming compliant since selection for the league requires clubs to satisfy two main areas, namely (1) Club Licensing Requirements, which will be governed by the guidelines where the First Instance Body will receive an application from clubs and make decisions on granting licenses. And (2) League Development Committee Requirements- which will review applications based on the domestic requirements outlined to participate in the league.

If clubs are approved in both areas, they will be assured of being selected for the league.

Davis said: "We're hoping that by this week, the TTFA will give an update on the league. We are still waiting on them, but if it goes on too long, then we will put our league together. We cannot wait forever. And with all that is taking place in the sport now, I expect us to receive approval for the super league competition. We will be talking to everyone who wants to play football, and we will also seek assistance from corporate T&T, who I believe will be helpful. But however, it will be, football will be played soon."

Davis and his executive had planned a two-group tournament for teams in T&T, saying it was necessary to satisfy their members. This tournament never came off because of the proposal of the NEFL.

SOURCE: T&T Guardian