Fri, Nov


THE EDITOR: If I were national football coach Stephen Hart, I would have a heart and send in my walking papers, relieving the nation of the football anxiety.

I feel sorry for fans who pay to experience such pain at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. 

If I were Football Association president David John William I would accept Hart’s walking papers. This would allow me the opportunity to bring in two different talents. 

I would ask coach Russell Latapy to hold the reins. Latapy has the knack for spotting dynamic talent which, I think, abounds in the B-Mobile National Super League. I would also ask Everard “Gally” Cummings to join the crew as technical director. This is the change national football needs. These two men working in tandem. 

They are experienced men, they can be the change. 

We cannot continue to relive this insanity of doing the same things and expecting a different result in World Cup games. 

We even look jokey in warm-up games. 

Hart is like a typical politician, offering hope in the face of the stark reality that the team is delivering a matter associated with WASA. It is the goodly gentleman who picks the team, so he is responsible. 

He is being paid to deliver results. 

Football is not played in the past tense, but is all about results in the present. 

For the length of time Hart has been coach, the team should be performing at a higher level, and more cohesively. 

Our defence is porous like our borders and making our goalkeepers look bad. 

Passes are sprayed senselessly by players, making you wonder if they are brain dead. 

You also wonder why they are there. Forwards won’t pull the trigger in the box, making you believe they are gun shy. It is pure torture. So after all the national hype, and hours of practice, our footballers have delivered nothing worthy of praise in the last two qualifiers against Honduras and Costa Rica. When a player is cheered off the field, he must take stock. Captain Kenwyne Jones, who I think has reached his expiry date, is much like Captain Smith of the Titanic, standing on the bridge wondering what hit him, or what he hit. 

I always feel the national team of 1972, the Strike Squad and the 2006 World Cup teams will beat the current team like a bobolee. Time for a real shake-up.