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Former Strike Squad playes (from left) Clayton Morris, Brian Williams, Hutson Charles and Marvin Faustin.

The appointment of Angus Eve as the new national coach is being hailed as the right choice to lift T&T football and take it through the CONCACAF Gold Cup campaign said hard-tackling "Strike Squad" defender Brian Williams, and echoed by Brent Sancho, also a former national defender who has played with Eve during his hey-days and know him very well as a coach.

"Gus" as he is commonly called in local football circles, replaced sacked coach, Englishman Terry Fenwick, whose estimated US$20,000 per month salary has been sighted as a financial burden on the T&T Football Association (TTFA), according to Trevor Gomez, an instrumental member of the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee (NC), while addressing the media during a virtual press conference on Monday.

Under Fenwick, a former England World Cup player, the T&T Soca Warriors were booted out of the World Cup Qualifiers after the first round, finishing second in Group F, in a tournament inwhich only the top team was advancing to the next round. The team's under-par performance was summarised by wins against Guyana (3-0) and St Kitts and Nevis (2-0) and drawn matches against Puerto Rico (1-1) and the Bahamas (0-0).

Eve, a former national player who has coached at the national level with the Under-15s, U-17s, U-20s and at the U-23 levels, is set to commence training duties soon in preparation for T&T's opening match of the Concacaf Gold Cup Tournament against Montserrat on July 2 in the USA.

Speaking to Guardian Media Sports yesterday, Williams, the rugged "Strike Squad" defender of 1989, said on behalf of his team: "The members of the 1989 Strike Squad Company, through its executive, congratulate and fully endorse the presently appointed interim T&T national senior men's football team head coach Angus Eve and his staff. We feel once more a science of connectivity, pride and patriotism, having a local staff mainly persons who served this country's football at all levels over the years.

"This feeling also brings to us the call for a unified T&T coaches minds for the proper development and restoration of our football from the ground up."

Sancho, on the other hand, said: "One thing I know about Angus as a teammate and now as a coach is that he is an intelligent enough person to know exactly what situation he is getting himself involved in. He would have taken a holistic look at what is being asked of him and more importantly what the task is. I think he would have looked at it and believed he could be successful doing this task. There is no coach, and I know Angus as an extremely, ultra-competitive individual, that would go into a situation thinking that they would fail."

SOURCE: T&T Guardian