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Trinidad and Tobago Head Coach Angus Eve

ANGUS Eve is not feeling any pressure with the dual roles as coach of both the Trinidad and Tobago men’s and Under-20 squads.

The FIFA-appointed normalisation committee, last Thursday, announced that Eve will be retained as the men’s coach, but will have the additional duty of Under-20 tactician.

“There will be extra staff coming on board for the Under-20s,” said Eve.

Referring to his previous stints as coach of Club Sando (T&T Pro League) and Naparima College (Secondary Schools Football League), Eve added, “It’s funny, I’ve been juggling two teams for a very long time. I’m no stranger, although it’s a bigger stage, to juggling two teams at the same time, and being effective, on both fronts. Probably God has prepared me for this role. I don’t feel pressured by it at all.”

During his unveiling as full-time T&T men’s coach last Thursday, Eve mentioned that he planned to meet with the normalisation committee on Monday to discuss proposed friendly matches for the men’s squad.

Shortly after Monday’s meeting, Eve said, “The international windows (have) been mentioned. I would like to play in every international window, but it’s about game availability and the covid (pandemic). I would have (given) them some potential games and we’re trying to work with some teams and the potential of the teams.”

For the rest of 2021, the FIFA match windows will be October 4-12 and November 8-16.

Eve said, “For this window (coming up), it would be a team in the (Concacaf) region and, for the last one, we’re hoping for a team a bit wider from the region.”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday