Sun, Jun


Trinidad football team is capable of winning the CONCACAF zone preliminaries of the World Cup Football tournament in Haiti next month and go on to capture the final in Munich next year, it was predicted today by Eduard Karim, Indonesian-born soccer coach now domiciled in Holland.

Karim's confidence is apparently not shared by Trinidad Football Association officials, with whom he has been holding talks for the past three days.

Karim left Trinidad today after failing to impress Cyril Austin, Secretary of the Association and other officials. He had flown in on Wednesday and began talks with the officials after hearing that English Coach Kevin Verity, who was preparing the Trinidad team of the CONCACAF qualifiers, had to return home.

The 49-year old Karim claims his system is something real special.

Trinidad Football Association official Egbert Solomon, a World Cup referee, commenting on Karim's self-confidence, said: "we are all skeptical about the idea. "It would mean asking our players to change the character of their game inside of two weeks."

The Trinidad National team was chosen while Karim was seeking a last-effort audience with officials. He later left for the Netherlands via Curacao.