Sun, Jun


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has announced the names of 18 players from whom the final team will be chosen for Saturday's World Cup playoff with Surinam in neutral Cayenne, French Guyana.

The team and a large number of supporters will fly out to Cayenne on Saturday morning.

The players and officials are Goalkeeper: E. Carter, K. Barclay, J. Granville, Defenders: R. Tesheira, S. Figaro (Capt), R. Moraldo, S. Pierre, R. Williams, A. Russell, Linkmen: L. Carpette, L. Spann, A. Douglas, L. De Leon, Forwards: N. Llewellyn, E. Cummings, R. La Forest, W. Archibald, S. David.

Officials: E. Vidale (coach), Ken Henry (trainer), Ian "Chala" Dore (physiotherapist), Jim "Fix up" Lopeeh (masseur); Ollie Camps (manager)