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Terry Fenwick Terry Fenwick was a bit disappointed yesterday in T&T's performance against Cuba in their all important Digicel Caribbean Cup opener. Read what the current San Juan Jabloteh's head coach had to say in his latest match analysis report of the Trinidad and Tobago versus Cuba 2010 Digicel Caribbean Cup game.



The former England international is currently in Martinique covering the said tournament told the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) that Trinidad and Tobago side were beaten by a well organized Cuban team and that the Soca Warriors lacked commitment and coaching ideas.

"Fenwick added: T&T were out played here in Martinique by a good Cuban side and several things contributed to this poor T&T performance".

"Questions will be asked about the lack of commitment, tactical know how and amateurish performance at this stage of the competition. Clearly there is no confidence in the tactical and strategic plans of the coach".

1] - T&T were tactically inept.... and without a clue !!! All departments of the team, defense, midfield, and strikers were isolated and without a strategic game plan.

2] - It was clear T&T players were not familiar or prepared for their roles within the team mechanism. Too many obvious mistakes!

3] - The discipline was apparent from the start. Keon Daniel was fortunate not to see red for a stamping incident, Lester Peltier red card for an off the ball fracas. Mentally weak and unprepared, T&T conducted themselves very poorly!

4] - Woeful defensive performance yet again, defenders ball watching when T&T were on the attack. Cuba counter attacks should have reaped more goals. Clearly no work on the training field to ensure cohesion and structure when defending in games.

5] - T&T very pedestrian, rigid 4-4-2 formation with no interaction or rotation of players, very easy to play against. Substitutions were made but no changes to tactics or formation, very predictable and straight up and down.

6] - Unbelievable!! Cornell Glen included with much media coverage and not even on the bench. What was the point of including him?

7] - Body language of technical staff and several players asked the question - Can T&T progress past the group stage?  Players are very disenchanted with the lackluster preparation and lack of tactical information leading into the game?

8] - Russell Latapy is clearly out of his depth and without support.....  recipe for disaster!!!

"As I predicted Flex, Russell will be hung out to dry after this embarrassing result and performance. Cuba were made to look good only because we were so bad, we have good players looking awful because they haven't been coached or informed of their responsibility within the team structure.....  very basic organization is missing."

"Grenada and Martinique looked poor to me, T&T should beat both of these sides but I just don't believe the players have any spirit or confidence in Russell, it could go very wrong if we don't get off to a good start against the next team, ended Fenwick."