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Operation Salvation

Operation SalvationThe target of the seventh annual Warrior Nation/SocaWarriors.net Holiday Food Drive was the poor and needy in the Morvant/Laventille area. We managed to raise $6,500 TTD which was used to purchase food items which was then given to Operation Salvation for distribution. Operation Salvation is a network of twenty Full Gospel Churches functioning in the Morvant/Laventille area and beyond. It has been in existence for the past six years and its mission is the “Transformation of local communities through the application of gospel principles.”


Operation Smile

Holiday Food Drive 2012The 2012 Christmas holiday season saw the Warrior Nation take its food charity drive to the hometown of current national goalkeeper Marvin Phillip.


2011 Holiday Food Drive

2011 Holiday Food DriveHow time flies. This is the fifth edition of our annual charity/food drive to help the less fortunate amongst us.


Jan-Michael Williams says thanks for SWO and Warrior Nation $upport

Jan Michael Williams recieve check from SWO member Brownsugar.In keeping with its objective to positively contribute to T&T football, the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) and the Warrior Nation (WN) have stepped forward in assisting a past servant of the men’s national football team, Mr. Jan-Michael Williams and his family.


Putting food on the table

For the 2009 holiday food drive, the Warrior Nation teamed up with Ms. Maude Phillip, a Medical Social Worker for St. George West, to present the food items to ten needy families.


SWO/WN donation for Jan-Michael Williams

Soca Warriors Online and the Warrior Nation crewThe Soca Warriors Online and the Warrior Nation (SWO/WN) would like to welcome anyone interested in giving a donation to Trinidad and Tobago national goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams to help him in his terrible situation are now welcome to do so.


2009 Holiday food drive


It's Christmas time again, which means the Warrior Nation will once again be conducting a food drive to help the less fortunate amongst us. This year we will be assisting individual families who will be referred to us by Ms. Maude Phillip, a Medical Social Worker for St. George West. Please note that the last day of collection will be Saturday December 12th in South, Thursday December 17th in the East, and Friday December 18th in North (except at Maple Leaf International School which is on Friday, December 11th).


Getting to the Point

Holiday Food Drive 2011For 2011, the Warrior Nation took its holiday charity drive to the southern borough of Point Fortin, birthplace of many of Trinidad and Tobago's national footballers.


All-Sport/TTFF sets up charter to see U-20s in Egypt

U-20 World CupThe Company that took you to Bahrain in 2005 and the World Cup Finals 2006 in Germany now invites you to support the National U-20s at the 2009 FIFA Under 20 World Championship in Egypt.

See: T&T vs Egypt, T&T vs Italy and T&T vs Paraguay.

Plus enjoy the historic Pyramids, Cruise the River Nile and Tour the City of Alexandria where T&T will be based.

Cost: TT$37,500 and this includes Non-stop flight from Trinidad to Cairo; ten nights accomodation (Double occupancy) with breakfast, all tours, all transfers and match tickets.

For More Information call: All Sport at (868) 628-3760, (868) 628-9964.