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W Connection celebrated wins on an off the field yesterday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium with club president David John-Williams voted in as the new Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president just over two hours before the Savonetta Boys outlasted 10-man Couva-rivals Central FC 6-5 on penalties following a 2-2 draw in the semi-final round of the Toyota Classic.

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Morvant-Caledonia steer Phoenix’s flight back to Tobago after 8-goal thriller and Santa Rosa edge Super League counterpart Defence Force to advance into quarters.

The Toyota Classic 2015 got off to an exciting start on Wednesday night with former champions North East Stars crushing Super League opponents Siparia Spurs 8-0 and Morvant Caledonia United outscoring 1976 FC Phoenix 5-3 at separate venues.

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