and other systems organs, has completed creating flowering and milk glands to work. Derma - part of the skin is below the outer layer. - tannin powder. Apply in inflammatory processes. Byte 1-2% of a rinsing solution or aqueous glycerin. For lubrication burns, fractures and bedsores 5-10% solution. Extinction - drilled cavity or lumen of a tubular body of the ship. It can be congenital or acquired (eg inflammation, thrombosis). First aid. It is in the rapid restoration of blood flow to the frozen area. For example, if paroxetine no prescription the frozen fingers warm them B a hot bath (35-38 °), massaging gently until tingling, pain, and the skin becomes bright pink. Rub colony, camphor or boric alcohol, then hot blocked part vodka or bandage previously made solution (temnofioletovym) permangapata (potassium permanganate). If, before the housing now in place the affected area is rubbed with a soft woolen cloth or hand. Do not use the snow: microscopic ice particles are located in the middle of the snow, which can damage the skin and the water formed during


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