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Jan-Michael Williams agrees move to Honduran side Juticalpa.

Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams will join Honduras first division club Juticalpa FC later this month after agreeing to a two-year deal.

Williams, who spent most of his career at W Connection, had stints in Belgium and Hungary between 2007 and 2009 with White Star Woluwé and Ferencvárosi, respectively.

The 32-year-old former Pro League player of the year said, via a media release by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), that he was relieved to earn another contract abroad.

“Finally (…) I have been trying for some time to go back outside and play at a higher level,” said the former St. Ann’s Rangers and Central FC shot-stopper.

“The call came from Honduras and I’ve already signed the contract so it’s just about getting out there and starting pre-season with the club. The deal has been on the table for a while and they made the offer a couple weeks ago.

“I am looking forward to [this move] as a good opportunity for me to continue my career outside and to continue to grow [as a player].”

Williams had a brief stint with Rangers in 2013 after parting ways with Connection, a team he had great success at. He later joined Central FC, the rival club of Connection, in the same year and went on to help the Couva Sharks to three consecutive Pro League titles.

He was set to represent North East Stars this season after splitting ways with Central, but will instead don the ‘keeper strip of Juticalpa in the highest league of Honduran football.

Williams’ immediate focus, however, is helping Trinidad and Tobago rebound from last Thursday’s 2-0 loss at the United States in FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifying. The Warriors, bottom of the CONCACAF Hex, are against hosts Costa Rica in San Jose on Tuesday.

“…We need to buckle down and get some more points on the board,” said the T&T first choice ‘keeper. “…obviously we are very disappointed with the result against the U.S. but we’ve had a couple training sessions (after) the match and the focus is coming back. We have to push on from here.

“We have to go in and do exactly what the coaching staff is asking us to do. We need to be confident, eliminate errors, and get on with the task at hand in Costa Rica.”

Williams also said that Warriors have the ability to adapt and learn quickly and grow under current coach Dennis Lawrence.