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Venezuelan club Guerreros FC

MADE up mostly of Venezuelan migrant players, the Guerreros FC (Warriors Football Club) team is trying to grow within T&T soccer with good performances and victories.

Anchored in the Zone League, Guerreros FC advanced to the round of 16 undefeated with two wins and two draws in the regular round.

They seek to be champions to climb to the next higher categories of Trinidadian soccer.

They are led by coach Lennin Gómez and his technical assistant Edwar Pineda. Guerreros FC have one local player on their roster – Geremy Gilbert, a striker who has not yet been able to officially debut with the team in the league.

“It is a great opportunity that T&T soccer is giving us to be able to participate.

“Most of these players are young people who left their country looking for a better future for their families and came here to work at anything, but always with soccer in their hearts,” said Gómez.

The captain is Richard García, the team’s goalkeeper and who is also a minor league coach.

“We are already making T&T history, but we want more. We are looking for the team to become a professional club and for us to be able to represent T&T in international competitions in the future,” said García.

He recognises Guarreros FC is a long-term project, but with the solid bases to climb the steps are humility, work and above all organisation.

“We have several players on our team who made it to the professional league in Venezuela: Miguel Centeno, José Centeno and José Gregorio Astudillo,” García said. He also had the opportunity to be part of a professional club in Venezuela.

“We thank the organisers of Trinidadian soccer because they have opened the doors of their league to us.

“We are very excited to be able to help the Trinidadian professional league grow and become one of the best in the Caribbean with organisation and work, but above all with love for soccer,” said Gómez.

Guerreros FC is a team fully funded by three of the players. They have sought financial resources to cover the expenses of the tournament and of their own teammates who do not have money to pay for taxis to attend training sessions or games.

Guerreros FC train from Tuesday to Thursday at Mandela Park, Port of Spain and now they are preparing to face Seekers in the next round of the Zone League this Sunday to 6pm in the Police Field, Port of Spain.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday